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The FMCG retailer ranking for 2019 is out – Lidl takes the second place behind Tesco

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The “Most Successful Promotion of the Year 2019” awards were presented at the online professional day

Trade magazine is an Excellent Product trademark

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The Trade Parliament was in session (Part 2)

Magazine: The Trade Parliament was in session (Part 1)

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Sixty applicants won the Value and Quality Award in 2019

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Improved sales performance from wholesalers too

The 2018 FMCG retailer ranking is out now

Good sales results featured in this year’s FMCG retailer ranking

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The people who decide

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Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

The Chain Bridge Foundation gave a helping hand again

Magazine: Once upon a time…Business Days 2018 (Part 1)

Magazine: It isn’t enough to win, the prize should also be retained – but how?

Retailer of the Year in 2018

FMCG sales are growing dynamically online too – 15th E-commerce Conference, 5-6 June 2018, Visegrád (Part 3)

Quality and reliability in Hungary and its neighbouring countries

Changing shoppers, changing needs

An award for retailers that popularise Hungarian products

Last year was a good one for wholesalers too

Trade Marketing Spring

Magazine: Winners received the ‘Most successful promotion of the year’ award

The 2017 FMCG retailer ranking is out now

The jury have decided!

Exhibitors entered the competition with successful innovations once again

Sirha Budapest, 2018: A culinary capital for three days

From the jury’s perspective

Future store is coming!

Business Days 2017: focusing on the channels (Part 2)

End-of-year awards for Trade magazin: a two-time Business Superbrands and one-time MagyarBrands winner

The jury have decided

I believe it if it comes from them

Magazine: Retail trends from a market researcher’s perspective

Tesco, Coop and SPAR are the top three retailers in 2016

Based on facts only!


With the focus on self-development

Successful innovations

About us

Magazine: Trade marketing in the digital world

WHAT IS NEUROMERCHANDISING? … and how can I use it? – invitation to a workshop

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The new list is out: Hungary’s TOP RETAILERS 2014

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SIRHA Budapest 2014: new content in a new form

Business Days 2013

Support and recognition

Seeing them and falling in love with them

Magazine: Visible and invisible games – Business Days 2013 (Part 2)

Magazine: Promotions and emotions

Juliális, a family day for business people – organized by Trade Magazin and BNI

Magazin: New concept: forced consciousness

POPAI 2003-13: one decade of in-store marketing in Hungary

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Travels around FMCG – Business Days 2012 – part 1

Optimists are the minority

Magazine: Market researchers’ presentations at Metro’s Customer Academy

Do you have a program for Saturday? – www.julialis.hu

BNI Juliális waiting for you on 7th July!

Can we be hopeful?

Magazine: Heroes and survivors (part 1)

Most successful promotion of the year, 2010’ – trade day and award ceremony

Firsthand retail trends

What can we do?

Media review

Obligatory dynamism

The party is on

New times and a new world (Part 1)

Protocolar techniques

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First hand account of EuroShop

Prophecies and facts in Tapolca (part 1.)

From waist belts to weight control