Magazine: ‘Nobody can do it alone’

By: Hermann Zsuzsanna Date: 2021. 11. 11. 06:50
Hermann Zsuzsanna.Trade magazin

Zsuzsanna Hermann
Green Section of
Hungarian Marketing Association

This title could be the credo of every community that works for shared goals and the members of which support each other in achieving them. Well, the last community I joined was the Green Section of the Hungarian Marketing Association (MMSZ).

On 20 October there were 25 companies present at the first meeting, and with the exception of two of them everyone represented the FMCG sector. The Green Section’s objective is to establish a platform for those brands and companies that wish to prioritise sustainability in their operations. Those young people who grow into the sustainability strategies – which many deem to be ‘mandatory’ and ‘trendy’ today – will have different expectations from brands, companies and each other, because green thinking becomes the groundwork of everything they do.

Trade magazin started the Symbol of Sustainability award programme three years ago to show a good example to others, to make it visible how many ways sustainable and green goals can be achieved, and to demonstrate that you can also start on a small scale, because what really matters is being persistent.

At the first members’ meeting, 25 companies were represented. What they have in common is, among others, that their green thinking can also be measured in their practices


This article was also published in 11/2021 of Trade magazin.

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