About us


2018 will be the 13th year that Trade magazin is published. In the past we did our best to
prove that from issue to issue, Trade magazin oers advantages which are unique in the market
of FMCG trade magazines.
Our team – those in the editorial once and our managers – is made up of well-known experts,
with whom we have been working together in the past 20 years, although not always for
the same magazine.
This magazine focuses on the market of fast moving consumer goods and is made for the decision makers of the sector, from our smallest manufacturer, distributor, retailer or catering partners to the managers and heads of the biggest companies, and of course to all the decision makers of service providers or manufacturers who are important for us. We focus on manufacturers and their most important sales channels – retailers, wholesalers and Horeca units are in the centre of our attention.
In order to reach them, we use a constantly updated database with nationwide coverage. From 2018 Trade magazin is printed in 20,000 copies per issue. At the moment 22,805 copies are distributed auditedly (2017 – first half of the year, MATESZ [Hungarian Audit Bureau of Circulations] audit).
It is a professional acknowledgement for us that Trade magazin used to be the offcial journal of the Foodapest and
Hoventa trade fairs in the past years. Now that these trade exhibitions are replaced by the new international trade fair Sirha Budapest, we are proud to be the event’s strategic partner and offcial journal. Trade magazine will be working together with Hungexpo in 2018 as well, and we will be present at Sirha Budapest with our Future Store stand once again.
At www.trademagazin.hu you can find the latest news every day, in Hungarian and in English language – just like in our magazine. On every workday our newsletter is sent to the e-mail addresses of our 5,000 partners and readers in Hungary and all over the world. Our website has 2,000-2,500 daily visitors and it features the digital issue of our magazine.
You can also follow the latest news and events from Trade magazine at our Facebook page. The videos made at our programmes are uploaded regularly to our YouTube channel.
Trade magazin Global is an in English language supplement of Trade magazin. In 2017 Trade magazin Global was published on the occasion of the Anuga trade fair in Cologne, in the magazine’s October issue. The next trade exhibition supplement will come out in 2018. With the help of these supplements we inform prospective international partners about the Hungarian market, products, retail and consumption. It is a great help in our work and at the same time a real appreciation that we have been elected members of the international team of World Retail Publishers (formerly known as SIAL d’Or).
We are proud of the fact that in 2017 Trade magazine earned the Business Superbrands recognition for the second time.
Our four-day Business Days conference is held once a year and gives participants a clear picture of the state of play in the food industry, current trends in retail, the latest innovation activities of brands and trends in communication solutions.
We organise our Business Dinners for company executives, inviting important people to exchange opinions.
We started organising most of our events in cooperation with the Chain Bridge Club and we continue to do so in most cases.
To honour the work of trade marketing managers, we established the ‘Most successful promotion of the year’ competition.
A trade day and a gala event create the setting for the announcement of the results.
We are partners with Trade Marketing Club, and within the framework of this partnership we organise a conference and several club meetings every year, for colleagues who are convinced that trade marketing knowledge plays a vital role in their sales or marketing work. In 2009 we started the ‘Trade marketing manager of the year’ competition and award.
In 2015 Trade magazin and Trade Marketing Club offcially announced the first SuperStore competition, which aims at rewarding the points of sale created with the most innovative concepts, honouring those solutions which meet target audience needs the best and have managed to achieve a harmony of design, look and values represented. Every year the award is presented at the gala dinner of the most important event of the trade, the Business Days conference. This is also the occasion when the most successful SuperStore receives the Store of the Year award.

We are founding members of POPAI Hungary Association, where the common goal of members is to understand and improve the effciency of point of purchase marketing communication and point of sale marketing activities (www.popai.hu).
In order to make Trade magazin successful in the future as well, we need your cooperation, feedback and partnership. Please read our magazine and use our services, and give us an opportunity to prove our usefulness to you as well!

Zsuzsanna Hermann
Managing Director – Editor-in-Chief
Trade magazin – the trade magazine