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By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2022. 12. 16. 10:29

Trade Marketing Club (TMC) members met online on 3 November, to discuss the latest trends in social media.

TMC founders Ágnes Csiby, Zsuzsanna Hermann and Ildikó Kátai welcomed the more than 120 participants. The event’s title was “Keep up!”, expressing that the opportunities and challenges created by social media are basically changing every month.

Short videos are the future

DrSzabó Orsolya Zsolya Communication

Dr. Orsolya Szabó
founding owner
Zsolya Communication

Dr Orsolya Szabó, founder of Zsolya Communication, online communication consultant, social media specialist, and change and crisis manager gave a presentation in the form of a pre-recorded video. She talked about practically every relevant social media platform, and other, alternative forms of communication that can help in building brands and increasing visibility –

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and LinkedIn were all mentioned. The era of organic posts and just a single message is about to end. Target groups can only be reached with 6-7 messages – on just as many platforms.

Ms Szabó listed the three most progressive trends: 3rd place – using YouTube ads for positioning in search engines and in brand building; 2nd place – e-mail marketing, combined with content that offers real value (the average user spends about 6 hours in their e-mail account!); 1st place – short videos can create a diverse online presence and they are more and more popular. Instagram Reels and story, TikTok and YouTube shorts all belong here. SMS marketing can also be added to the online communication mix.

TikTok era

Dévald Ákos

Ákos Dévald from Hypin introduced the revolution of short videos. The agency’s main profile is youth marketing and event promotion, but many fields of social media and digital marketing can also be found in their portfolio. Experts say that the conquest of TikTok and short videos brings about as revolutionary changes as the appearance of Facebook was. Vertical videos shorter than 1 minute: this is the direction in which the market is going. In 2022 51% of companies spent more on making short videos than before. The biggest strength of these is that they can reach masses of people organically, quickly building large follower bases. What is more, the fight isn’t only for the number of followers anymore, but also for their time and attention.

Older generations are showing up on TikTok. TikTok is already second behind YouTube (23.7 hours/month) as regards viewing time, performing at the level of Facebook (19.6 hours/month). A recent report has revealed that adverting spending stayed below the expectations in the case of every social media platform, with the exception TikTok where spending grew. What TikTok knows best is offering content to users that they really like, based on their first 400 watched videos, thanks to the platfom’s excellent algorithm. TikTok recommends videos relying not on the activities of friends but on personal taste. Advertising on TikTok is cheaper, but the videos cost more to make.

B2B community building

Margó Kohanecz
Origin Consulting

Margó Kohanecz, head of Origin Consulting – a member of WSI, the biggest digital strategy network in the world – can learn from the world’s biggest and most successful brands, helping partners to achieve their targets and grow. With LinkedIn Social Selling, they contact the members of designated target groups in a personalised fashion.

Ms Kohanecz told that LinkedIn already has more than 850 million users, and it is the perfect platform for building professional communities and presence. LinkedIn’s algorithm also keeps changing; the last time it was modified was in September. LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms in that it rewards conversations between members. It is worth keeping in mind that 58% of visits are from smartphones, and the average visitors spends 2 minutes on the platform, reading 9 posts. Short videos are gaining popularity on LinkedIn too.

Visual storytelling

Beáta Kónya

Beáta Kónya has her own company called Pikrea, which does individual, group and corporate marketing training and consulting. She told that 3 million Hungarians are using Instagram and 80% of users also follow brands. The user experience is guaranteed by visual content. Short videos are making a conquest here as well, and Ms Kónya revealed that by 2023 trendy Reels videos will provide a bigger reach than simple video posts. Instagram users continue to show demand for photos too. Important product messages can be perfectly presented with lifestyle photos. Instagram stories can only be viewed for 24 hours – this is one of the most popular features of the platform.

The speaker also mentioned the trend of subscription schemes in marketing. Abroad this already works integrated into Instagram: in this the exclusive posts, stories and live feeds of content creators can only be watched by those who pay.

The online event ended with Zsuzsanna Hermann introducing the programmes Trade Marketing Club and Trade magazine plan for 2023. //

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2022.12-01.

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