Magazine: Winners of the Innovation Product Competition

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 04. 06. 07:37

On 4 February 2020 – after the opening ceremony of the Sirha Budapest trade fair – the award presentation of the Sirha Budapest Innovation Product Competition took place.

Az Innovációs Termékverseny-díjkiosztó

Trade magazin organised the competition for the fourth time. Only Sirha exhibitors were eligible for entering, in 5 categories. 39 innovations competed and a jury of 13 experts evaluated the entries. President of the jury Zsuzsanna Hermann told: the results reflect the market trends, and many innovations focused on sustainability and environmental consciousness. She is glad that this year a student contest also formed part of the programme, in partnership with Metro.

Az Innovációs Termékverseny díjazottjai

Winners of the Innovation Product Competition in 2020:

Hotel products

I. Assa Abloy Hospitality – Mobile access technology

With the help of mobile access technology, guests can use their own mobile phone as a card, thanks to which hotels can save money and time, plus users get a new guest experience.

II. Bamboo Europe SE – Bamboo drinking straw

Drinking straw made of 100 percent bamboo fibres and starch, it is plastic- and chemical-free, biodegradable and compostable

Baking and confectionery products

I. Froneri – Schöller ice cream

The brand differentiates itself in the market by offering special flavours that consumers know from artisan ice cream parlours, such as black coconut or chestnut. All products are made using the best ingredients only.

II. Ceres Zrt. – NewLine product range

In line with modern dietary trends, New Line products are rich in protein, have high fibre content and they are low-carb.

III. Fornetti Kft. – Fornetti Vegetable cube

A special product made of dough developed by the company, which stands alone in the market ever since its launch. It is the favourite product of several target groups, in 6 European countries.

Food and drink

I. Ez a Világ Kft. – TUPAK ready meal

Two-element ready meal combination that can be changed in accordance with seller needs, in innovative and consumer-friendly packaging.

II. Óvártej Zrt. Stracchino Frozen

 Stracchino is made at the end of summer and in early autumn, from cow’s milk rich in fat after grazing on pastureland for months. It is snow white, flexible and spreadable – these characteristics make cooking with stracchino a real pleasure. Freezing guarantees that the stracchino remains fresh for a long period.

III. Nestlé Hungária Kft. Chef Asian flavours soup base concentrate

It contains exceptionally valuable ingredients – simple recipe, it shortens work phases in the kitchen and can be used in any stage of creating dishes.

Special award

SuperShop Kft. –  SuperPepper humanoid robot

Interactive, Android in-store information device: speech recognition- and artificial intelligence-based communication with shoppers in stores. The device provides customers with information using speech and human gestures, and there is also a digital display.

Student contest

I. Spájz girls csapat Veggievable vegetable fingers

A meat alternative for vegetarians and vegans. These vegetable fingers are made of vegetables grown in Hungary –tomatoes, lentils, beans and corn. They are rich in vitamins and fibres, and they are gluten- and lactose-free. The products don’t contain added sugar or additives.

II. ReadySpreadyGo csapat – Creams and spreads

Three different creams made of beans rich in plant-based protein and fibres, created in variants that contain broccoli and spinach, roasted squash, sweet potato, carrot and beetroot, and apple.

III. Asztalraviesta csapat Vesta vegetable-based pizza dough

 The pizza dough is made exclusively of vegetables such as spinach, potato, cauliflower and 11 other vegetables, and it has high
amino acid content, too.

Packaging industry and logistics

I. Poly-Pack Kiskunhalas Kft. Bin bag made of corn starch

These household-use bin bags are made of renewable-source material (corn starch). The bin bags are biodegradable and compostable.

II. Doroti Pack Kft. Robotic loading system

Robotic product holder that is in direct contact with food, which is guaranteed to be compatible with packaging machines and perfectly fits the product.

III. Metro Kereskedelmi Kft. Biodegradable food containers

Disposable and home compostable food containers. They are made of sugar cane fibres that come from renewable sources.

III. Organicpack Star Kft. PLA coated paper

Paper made of 100 percent plant-based material, which is biodegradable and compostable; the product is microwave-safe. It is sustainable, doesn’t contain plastic and meets food safety criteria. Concept: comes from nature and goes back to nature.


I. GastroWare Hungary Kft. QualityFry – Fast Chef Elite deep fryer

The first professional deep fryer that can be operated without exhaust ventilation, and doesn’t emit smoke and odours; the different flavours don’t mix, frying times can be set and there is automatic portioning.

II. ACO Kereskedelmi Kft. Lipusmart fat separator with integrated wastewater pump

The device cleans fat-containing wastewater in professional kitchens, and uses an integrated wastewater pump to transmit the cleaned wastewater into the sewerage system; it is a hygienic process.

III. High Tech Konyha Kft. Popcake automatic pancake maker

Fresh American pancakes at the push of a button. It is the guests who are using the device, which offers a special experience to them. Pancakes can be made at breakfast and no assistance is required for the process, so the workforce can be used elsewhere. It is a great spectacle and no waste is produced.

III. Szintézis Informatikai Zrt. – Revolutionary technology for locating product in-store with the help of Pricer electronic shelf labels.

The technology can only be used with Pricer electronic shelf labels. How it works and its utilisation in retail was explained in the Future Store.

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