How to become a personal brand?

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 07. 08. 09:56

Trade Marketing Club welcomed summer with a barbecue party in La Perle Noire restaurant (a place recommended by the Michelin Restaurant Guide). Zsuzsanna Hermann welcomed participants and members of the roundtable discussion Klára Csíkné Dr Kovács, managing director of Career and Style Consulting Kft. and president of the Federation of Hungarian Breweries, Judit Iglódi-Csató, PR-, marketing- and HR director of TESCO, Mónika Vörös, HR director of Unilever and psychologist Péter Kiss. Before the main topic of personal branding a Hungarian innovation was introduced: Lightouse Lézerdekor Kft.’s managing director Ákos Törtei and AD Csoport Kft.’s managing director Tamás Juhász brought the prototype of their mobile-app operated, smart HoReCa, POP and POS advertisement and product display. Participants had the opportunity to test the device using their own smartphones. Next on the agenda was Klára Csíkné Dr Kovács, who introduced the topic of personal branding in her presentation. She stressed the importance of regularly looking back on one’s career and private life and assessing them. In her opinion personal branding is a lifelong process and her advice was following the 24-hour rule: any kind of success or failure should only matter for 24 hours and then it is time to move on. Klára Csík reckons it is time one started looking for a new job if they wake up in the morning and are appalled by the thought of having to go to work. The presentation also touched upon Hungarian employees’ special characteristics, underlining their strength and overseeing and understanding the full spectrum. However, the Czech and the Polish are more confident and speak foreign languages better, so they often have a competitive advantage over Hungarians. Mónika Vörös spoke about how important self-knowledge is in all careers. She thinks introverted persons also have their place in a team, what is more, if there is a good leader it could work our really well if the team is made up of different personalities. It is best if various styles can be openly represented as different but credible personalities get on well with each other. Supportive and democratic companies such as Unilever put these ideas into practice. Judit Iglódi-Csató added that in a work environment like this one can voice their opinions and enter conflict situations without fear. For instance Tesco is a workplace where one is allowed to make mistakes. It is also worth being familiar with a company’s set of values, strategy and communication. According to Péter Kiss, each individual is a valuable personal brand whether they want it or not. If things don’t work out for someone, they need help from their friends or family to find their real selves again. Participants of the roundtable discussion finally discussed the compatibility of personal brands across workplaces. Next participants went to the terrace and started the barbecue, enjoying PICK’s special grill products, MIZO cheeses, Univer dressings and salads, while Zewa took care of hygiene.