ChatGPT’s thoughts about awards

By: Hermann Zsuzsanna Date: 2024. 03. 26. 19:42

I asked ChatGPT what it thinks about awards and the answer was this: recognition for an outstanding performance, work or achievements; they can play a significant role in motivating people and honouring them, and they help to promote innovation and reward excellence.

I was happy with this response, because we have received several awards last month. We left SIRHA Budapest 2024 with the MMSZ Exhibitor Marketing Award special prize for our Future Store Innovations stand, a project which we realised this year with 25 co-exhibitors, so this award was for all of us. We earned the financially stable AA+ 2023 corporate rating, which is another step forward for our magazine. Then yesterday we were presented the MagyarBrands 2023 award in the Excellent Business Brand category. Of course these awards recognise the efforts of our team, my colleagues and me, as the performance, the hard work and therefore the results are ours. I hope that awards like these are just as motivating for my colleagues as for me, because – as our friend ChatGPT says – they helps us to constantly renew ourselves.

One such renewal among many this year is starting a new column in our magazine with this Trade magazin issue. We are expanding our sales and business development column, separating AI or artificial intelligence from it. After nearly a year of getting to know each other, I think the time has come. There have been and will be many pioneers in the FMCG field in this area, we know that AI is no longer present only in the manufacturing, logistics, retail and service side, but permeates almost everything. It is exciting, surprising, sometimes unfathomable and maybe even a bit scary when you think about what AI can do today and what it will be doing tomorrow. We may even be a little afraid of AI at times, seeing and experiencing what this technology is capable of and that we can communicate with each other. Although for the time being it us who tell AI what to do, it is already using its own information to do the job. Day after day digital channels present new humanoid robots with new knowledge and skills that are often beyond comprehension, which are increasingly similar to humans. All in all, let’s stay on our home turf, covering the theme of AI page after page in the areas where domestic and international FMCG market players use it – be it customer experience enhancement, data collection and analysis, efficiency and profit improvement, or simply achievements in the field of marketing communication.

This year we are organising lots of competitions and events, and we are trying to present them all in a new guise. I am hopeful that we will succeed, so that in a year’s time our friend ChatGPT will be patting us on the back, acknowledging the work, the performance and the results we have achieved this year.

Stay tuned, follow us and most of all read Trade magazin on as many platforms as possible!

Best regards, Zsuzsanna Hermann, Editor in Chief

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