Magazine: Exciting trade programmes at the ‘Most successful promotion of the year’ award ceremony

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 05. 02. 07:41

On 11 April the award ceremony of the ‘Most successful promotion of the year’ competition was held in Aquincum Hotel Budapest. FMCG companies were competing with 29 campaigns in 6 categories.


Zsuzsanna Hermann
managing director-editor-in-chief
Trade magazin

Zsuzsanna Hermann, editor-in-chief and managing director of Trade magazin opened the award ceremony. In her speech she spoke about the results of the consumer survey conducted in partnership with Kantar-Hoffmann: 32 shoppers were interviewed in 4 focus groups. Ms Hermann explained that a study like this – which is done every year – doesn’t only evaluate competition entries, but it also provides important feedback for the trade marketing profession in general. It becomes clear which those elements are that shoppers don’t like in promotions, and which are those that motivate them for participation. The editor-in-chief firmly believes that not only the winners profit from the competition, but every participant and conference visitor.


Krisztián Steigervald
managing director
Emocionális Marketing

Krisztián Steigervald, managing director of Emocionális Marketing Kft. was the first speaker at the event. He talked about ‘user-based thinking’: due to certain generational processes today we don’t talk about students, workers or shoppers but individual users. Users’ behaviour can’t be described in terms of the generation they belong to or their social status, they are absolutely individual. These consumers describe the world around them with themselves as the starting point.


Pádár Kata
ügyfélkapcsolati igazgató

Kata Pádár, client service director of Kantar-Hoffmann analysed the focus group research they had done as the partner of the promotion competition: 23-35 and 36-55 year old consumers living in Budapest were interviewed, and the company found that shoppers are now even more conscious about promotions than before, and a growing proportion of them are willing to participate in them. One of their motivations is getting some kind of experience from promotions.


Anita Fülöp
owner & managing director
Call To Action Hungary

Anita Fülöp, owner and managing director of Call To Action Hungary Kft. introduced the fundamental principles of a well-working telephone customer service. She revealed that after 30 seconds customers lose their patience if they have to wait for speaking to someone. A survey has found that the workers answering customer calls have a 70-80 percent share in making the conversation a positive experience for customers, therefore it is very important to give these employees good training.


Szilvia Krizsó

Communication specialist Szilvia Krizsó spoke about the importance of making campaigns ‘visible’, as it isn’t enough to plan and implement them. In her view the basis of conscious communication and getting the right message through is the continuous and simple passing of information. She added that the lack of long-term commitment can reduce the efficiency of promotions; commitment can be achieved by creating emotions in consumers. Content and delivery must be in harmony in order to communicate effectively.


Tünde Laurinyecz
trade marketing manager

Tünde Laurinyecz, trade marketing manager of Szentkirályi-Kékkúti Ásványvíz Kft. and Magyarüdítő Forgalmazó Kft. won the Ms Trade Marketing prize in the contest organised by Trade Marketing Club. She started her career at Heineken in 2005, where she spent 8 years before moving on to Szentkirályi. She believes that she can work the most efficiently in building a brand if she knows every aspect of it very well.










In the same competition Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország won the Trade Marketing Team 2018 title.

András Galavics, channel marketing manager
Dóra Pessenlehner, shopper marketing manager
Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország


Veres Csaba
instore- és rendezvény-
aktivációs vezető
Coca-Cola HBC

Channel marketing manager András Galavics, shopper marketing manager Dóra Pessenlehner and in-store and event activation manager Csaba Veres introduced the complex strategy that lies behind the team’s success. It turned out that at the company every team develops its own concept, with taking into consideration each other’s interests. This way product launches and promotions can be successful in every domain. For this regular and precise internal communication is needed.


Andreas Christou
managing director
RetailZoom Hungary

Andreas Christou, managing director of RetailZoom Hungary was the last speaker of the day. He told that Hungarian FMCG retailers sell 29 percent of food and 43 percent of household chemicals in promotion. At the same time 38 percent of promotions aren’t successful in terms of pricing, e.g. by 2018 the size of price the average discount reached 19 percent, having grown by 3.5 percent since 2017. RetailZoom uses an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to make forecast and recommend price strategies.

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