Let’s reward the Hungarian brand! – the performance of excellent domestic brands was celebrated at a gala evening

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 22. 16:24

The MagyarBrands Program, which honors outstanding Hungarian brands, holds its Award Ceremony gala event every spring, where the best domestic consumer and business brands can receive the MagyarBrands Excellent Brand Glass Award in several categories. At this year’s gala event, held last night with great success, representatives of over 70 Hungarian brands received MagyarBrands glass awards in the categories of excellent consumer brand, excellent business brand, and innovative brand.

This year, more than 70 brands received the MagyarBrands recognition on March 22

What are the Hungarians like? This question can easily be answered by those who were present at last night’s MagyarBrands program gala, which honors excellent domestic brands. Coop, Mizse, Ceres, Elzett, RS Furniture – just a few brand names among the awardees. The products and services of our favorite Hungarian brands are known, consumed, and used by many of us in our daily lives. We take their presence for granted, and we less often think about how many people and how much professional work is behind the success of our well-known brands, from planning and manufacturing to execution management. One of the missions of the MagyarBrands program is to celebrate these efforts and draw attention to the most outstanding Hungarian performances.

A special fashion exhibition accompanied this year’s MagyarBrands award ceremony

In addition to celebrating outstanding brands, the organizers of the MagyarBrands Gala sought to draw attention to social issues as well. This year, they emphasized the importance of sustainability in the context of fashion and clothing by organizing a special, united fashion exhibition. The outfits exhibited at the gala were all created in the spirit of sustainability. The exhibition featured the exciting new recycling project of the Ethnographic Museum, which showcased folk costumes made from paper QR code ribbons. We also got a taste of the works of two young Hungarian fashion designers who performed with great success at the Budapest Fashion Week in February: the collections of textile designer Judit Bárány and the CHOKASSY brand were presented.

The award ceremony program

The award ceremony was crowned by the entertaining concert theater performance of the Zsámbék Summer Theater. The self-ironic prose volume of Lackfi János titled “What are the Hungarians like?” was adapted into a stage play by Áron Őze, inviting us to deeper understanding and confrontation, teaching us understanding and acceptance.

It is becoming a tradition that a cocktail creation dedicated to the MagyarBrands award gala is born every year. This year, the Chardonnay wine-tonic emerged from the encounter of dry white wine and light, vibrant tonic, from which the participants could toast to their well-deserved successes with several glasses.

About the 3 main categories of the MagyarBrands award

The MagyarBrands awards are presented annually in three main categories: excellent consumer, excellent business, and innovative brands. This year, Dr. János Serényi, Chairman of the MagyarBrands Committee, presented the awards to the “Excellent Consumer Brands.” This category recognizes that the brand’s popularity and favorability among consumers are outstanding, with the average awareness of the awarded consumer brands being higher than 70% in 2023, and their favorability exceeding 85%.

The “Excellent Business Brand” awards were given to brands whose financial indicators have proven to be the most stable in recent years, and their reliability rating has exceeded 90%. The awards were presented by Melinda Kamasz, editor-in-chief of tudas.hu economic portal and member of the MagyarBrands Professional Committee.

The Trade magazine once again received the Excellent Business Brand award. The award was accepted by Zsuzsanna Hermann, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Trade magazine, from Melinda Kamasz

In the MagyarBrands Program, the awards for “Innovative Brands” were given to brands whose goal is not only to meet consumer needs but also to continuously adapt to the latest trends, be at the forefront of technological developments, and not be afraid to innovate. The innovation awards were presented to brand representatives by Aywee Kőteleky, Creative Director of Friendly and a member of the MagyarBrands Committee.

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