Prevent Burnout!

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2023. 06. 03. 22:17

The summer meeting of the Trade Marketing Klub invited the participants with an outstanding theme this year. The prevention of burnout is a topic that affects many people, which was thoroughly reviewed by the expert speakers and the actively asked questions.

Szabi a Pék

Those interested in the events of the Trade Marketing Klub met for the second time in Szentendre, at the restaurant of Szabi a Pék, since last June’s meeting was also held on the banks of the Bükkös stream, in the gallery of the Bazsalikom restaurant. This year, the summer opening meeting took place on June 1. The participants were welcomed by Ágnes Csiby, Zsuzsanna Hermann and Ildikó Kátai, the founders of TMK, and then by the host, Szabolcs Szabadfi, the “baker of the country”.

Outsourcing universe

One of the supporters of the event, Attila Ádám, the operational manager of the NAUT Group in Hungary, demonstrated how a professional service provider can reduce work overload in retail services, e-commerce, POP and other logistics areas. He pointed out that with the help of their comprehensive solutions and professional software, they contribute to the fact that the partner companies and their employees can fully concentrate on their own goals and priorities.

The Company Doctor

Supporter of the event, Zoltán Szányel, The Cégdoktor (Company Doctor), summarized the symptoms of burnout based on his experience in the development, coaching, and management consulting of many successful organizations. The constant lack of time, overwork, fatigue, fat burning, stress-induced anger, and binge-eating sounded familiar to many. The path leading to complete exhaustion and the vivid presentation of the sacrifices made for the sake of a career drew attention to the fact that external help is often needed. Individually, coaching, mentoring, leadership training and development, and organizational changes at the corporate level can bring a solution. All this can be particularly memorable on board a catamaran, in the framework of the Adriatic strategy-making and company development workshops.


5 tips against overwork

Psychologist Péter Bence Bíró, author of the book Business Burnout Bible, immediately addressed the audience with questions in order to adapt his presentation to the interests of those present. His dynamic style and practical approach generated continuous dialogue. He stated that he considers research very important and constantly monitors scientific results.

He gave clear instructions on how to recognize burnout, as it is possible almost imperceptibly to drift from the enthusiastic peak performance phase to the unbalanced, exhausted, burdened with physical and mental problems into a state of overwork. Prevention is in the interest of both the employer and the entire organization, since the symptoms of cynicism and reduced performance affect the entire company, measurably in terms of results, costs, and working days.

On an individual level, serious consequences must be expected not only in the business field, but also in psychological, physical and private life. It is therefore worthwhile to prevent trouble, to recognize the warning signs early and to change them by developing habits, circumstances and personality, often with the help of experts. Balanced sleep, eating, exercise, recharging, regularity and the active, communal experience of emotions all contribute to the prevention of burnout. Coaching and therapy can remedy recognized problems.

Lack of confidence syndrome

Balázs Feitel, the managing director of market research company Ipsos, connected with the topic by presenting the domestic adoption of the “Trust in leaders” research. The study pointed out that trust is the most important asset, as stress is 74% lower and productivity is 50% higher in companies with high employee trust. According to British research, those who do not trust the decisions of the organization’s leaders are six times more likely to leave the company in the following year. And the best way to build trust is to increase empathy, credibility and visibility in organizations.

There is a great need for all this as there are many areas of lack of trust. General trust in fellow human beings is highest in China and India (56%), lowest in Brazil (11%). The Hungarian value is 19%, which positions the country among the last placed. The average of the 30 countries surveyed is 30%.

The winners of the global ranking of the most reliable professions are doctors (58%), scientists (57%) and teachers (51%), while Hungarians ranked scientists (53%), teachers (51%) and doctors (40%) . Last ones are everywhere politicians (global 12%, Hungarian 7%), people trust them the least. They are immediately followed by advertising professionals (global 17%, Hungarian 8%), government members, journalists and bankers. Company managers are at the bottom of the middle range (global 23%, Hungarian 16%). Overall, our country is characterized by distrust above the world average.

The presentations will soon be available on the website of the Trade Marketing Klub

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