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By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2022. 11. 06. 14:00

The online club meeting of the Trade Marketing Club on November 3 dealt with trends in social media platforms. The relevant experts presented the latest opportunities, expectations and challenges with a practical approach.

Those gathering in the online space were welcomed by the founders of TMK, Ágnes Csiby, Zsuzsanna Hermann and Ildikó Kátai. More than 120 people registered for the event.

“Don’t be left behind!” was the title of the afternoon, referring to the fact that the opportunities provided by social media change almost every month. In addition to presenting trends and novelties, the speakers also gave tips on what to try and how to avoid pitfalls.

Short videos rule

Dr. Orsolya Szabó, founder of Zsolya Communication, reviewed domestic and international trends, the most well-known and less popular social media platforms in her video-recorded presentation. Over the past 5 years, thousands of domestic SMEs and numerous multinational companies have connected to Zsolya’s educational or consulting programs. As an independent agency, their experts work from Bali to Hungary to Portugal. Orsolya Szabó teaches Creativity, Intuition and Decision Alternatives as an instructor at the Metropolitan University, where she was elected instructor of the year this year at the specialized postgraduation courses based on student feedback.

In the introductory presentation, Dr. Orsolya Szabó touched on almost all current social media platforms and other alternative communication options that help in brand building and increasing visibility. In addition to organic content, the resource-efficient operation of the online toolkit assigned to business purposes is also facilitated by the use of paid advertisements. One-touch communication is no longer enough to reach potential target groups. It is worth sending messages at least 6-7 times and in 6-7 ways, on different platforms, in a creative combination of blog, post, story, video messages, etc., in order to stimulate the target groups to real activity.

The third place in the list of innovative trends is the use of YouTube Ads, which, in addition to positioning in search engines, can also be a tool for brand building.

In second place is email marketing, where real opening, reading, clicking and conversion can be generated in combination with value-adding content.

First place was given to short, quickly digestible video content, which ensures a diverse online presence and is becoming more and more popular.

TikTok era

Ákos Dévald, representing Hypin, presented the revolution of short videos. In the past 6 years, the speaker has gained unique experience in social media trends and the latest marketing communication tools through influencer marketing. He took part in planning and conducting the first national TikTok research and has already worked with many brands on the interface of the latest social media giant, TikTok. He also covered the specifics of the doped social media platform, TikTok, current trends and the most important metrics related to TikTok.

Videos shorter than 1 minute, in vertical format, which can be displayed vertically and can be easily scrolled entertain consumers the most, this is where the market is moving to. A large following base can be built up in a short time. The battle is no longer for the number of followers, but for the users’ time and attention. More and more older age groups are also appearing on TikTok, and the 18-30 age group is already primarily searching on Instagram and TikTok, which also changes search engine optimization.

The three competing platforms – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok – are increasingly similar, while the first one opens up to short video content, the third one allows for longer ones. It is typical for brands to mutate content produced on one platform to the other. There is no unified picture for the handling of this channel, there are some managed by international headquarters and separate national initiatives as well.

B2B community building

Kohanecz Margó, Origin Consulting

Margó Kohanecz, head of Origin Consulting, as a member of the world’s largest digital strategy network WSI, helps her clients achieve their goals and grow by learning from the largest and most successful brands. In the framework of LinkedIn Social Selling, the members of the selected target groups are visited in a personalized way along an elaborate purchase funnel. Social Selling methods tested in Western Europe and North America are at their disposal, so they have acquired unique knowledge and experience in Eastern European use at home.

According to the speaker, LinkedIn, which already has more than 850 million users, is the perfect platform for building a professional community and professional presence. Since the proportion of people in senior positions is high, it is possible to reach the real decision-makers on a business topic. The participants were given detailed advice on how to do this, and a sophisticated toolkit is available, from photo setup to a professional profile to building the company’s professional credibility. The path to relevant discussions is paved with valuable expert content and a regular and interesting presence. Responding to the previous presentations, Margó Kohanecz confirmed that even on LinkedIn, short video formats are becoming increasingly popular.

Visual storytelling

Beáta Kónya deals with individual, group and company content marketing and Instagram training and consulting within the framework of her own business Pikrea. Her social media and PR campaigns have received numerous national and international professional recognitions. With its activities, it supports its customers in how Instagram and visual content marketing can be a tool that effectively supports their business goals. According to the speaker, Instagram, with its 3 million Hungarian users, is structured quite differently than its competitors. More beautiful, deeper, more inspiring pictures are added here. It provides deeper connections, the user experience is guaranteed by outstanding visuals. Short-format videos are gaining ground here as well, the video wording of posts means greater reach.

The inspiration photos of the Feed can also move, the story can be illustrated with a moving image, and even an event or interview can be broadcast live in video Reels format.

In response to questions, the presenters also touched on the organizational characteristics of companies and agencies, the possibilities of involving the 45+ age group and the characteristics of Hungarian users.

At the end of the online event, Zsuzsanna Hermann presented the programs planned for next year by the Trade Marketing Club and Trade magazin.

We will report on the event in more detail in the next printed issue of our magazine.

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