Scandals in marketing

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2020. 06. 04. 15:25

TMK klub logóThe traditional June TMK grill party was held online on June 4, 2020. The exciting topic was explained by well-known and recognized experts in the field, Ildikó Fazekas (ÖRT), Zsófia Lakatos (EMERALD) and Roland Kanyó (dm) with many interesting illustrations, emphasizing the lessons learned and, where possible, referring to the current situation.

The theme of the TMKlub summer opening party is usually outlook, “Out of box”. So it was now. Although the barbecue and cake were not available, there was also an opportunity to network and discuss current issues during the meeting. Returning to the offices, surviving of the home-office, the possibility and obstacle of a 4-day work week, and a new type of customer service load were also discussed.

Hermann Zsuzsanna

Zsuzsanna Hermann, managing editor-in-chief of Trade magazin

Zsuzsanna Hermann, one of the founders of TMK, the managing editor-in-chief of Trade magazin, hosted the online event. After greeting the participants and presenting the technical details, she emphasized in her introduction that the topic of scandals will be on the agenda for the first time at the TMK event, not from sensational hunting, but through curiosities to draw and apply conclusions.


Was Gábor Zsazsa right?

Fazekas Ildikó az ÖRT igazgatója

Ildikó Fazekas, Director of the Self-Regulatory Advertising Board

Ildikó Fazekas, Director of the Self-Regulatory Advertising Board “Scandal and / or fame?” In her presentation, she also answered the question posed in the subtittle. It was the saying of Gábor Zsazsa that “It is not important to be true, just to talk about me”. The director of ÖRT has dissuaded everyone from crossing borders, as building trust and credibility, which is now important for all brands, can only be destroyed by a scandal. She likened the relationship between the brand and it’s consumer to a marriage based on value identity. Many factors need to be taken into account, including the sensitivity of consumers and society, national specificities, timing and the media channel chosen. Although the boundaries are being pushed more and more, ÖRT is helping to draw the profession’s attention to the dangers indicated by the environment, helping to prevent scandals. Answering a question, she said that the virus situation unexpectedly hit the professionals as well, it was impossible to prepare. She expects big brand reorganizations. Who will not disappear, think ahead, develop, and will be able to remain successful. She is confident in this young generations’ ability to stand up for themselves, which will have an impact in the world of advertising.


Big communication failures

Lakatos Zsófia

Zsófia Lakatos, General Manager of EMERALD PR

Zsófia Lakatos, former president of the Hungarian Public Relations Association, head of EMERALD PR, presented the recent faults. Based on her own experiences, she recounted the background to American black-and-white sensitivity and also covered the contradictions behind the current unrest. She also pointed out the Hungarian peculiarities in connection with sexism and crisis communication. To avoid scandals, PR specialist supposed to have early involvement in the planning and implementation of campaigns, and will see the hidden problems. Among the consequences of the pandemic, she highlighted that the role of PR is appreciating, with many companies focusing on the remaining event and media spending in this area. Responding to a question, she said the worst possible decision is if brands don’t communicate. Changes need to be tracked by marketing, finding new, value-based messages, showing what a particular brand adds to the world. And this is already the world of PR. She also emphasized that it is important to review the central communication materials from abroad with a Hungarian eye, because even in the region there are big differences between the generally accepted sights and messages.


Crisis team involving key areas

Kanyó Roland

Roland Kanyó, dm’s marketing and PR manager

Roland Kanyó, dm’s marketing and PR manager, told the recipe that scandals could be avoided. Crisis groups are reserved for each situation, in which the directions of external and internal communication in the given topic are also discussed with procurement, sales, marketing, logistics, law and security. Conservative and careful consideration of possible effects and reactions. Their work is assisted by an international PR consulting firm. They are clearly proponents of open and honest communication. With a pre-prepared crisis scenario, they can react preparedly and quickly to emerging situations. In the pandemic, communication was not eliminated, but transformed, with an emphasis on education, dm image, and brand enhancement instead of a product focus. In the new financial year starting on October 1, they plan with flexibility and expect growth. They look to the end of the year and the Christmas period with confidence, as gift-giving and intimate moments are valuable messages even for those in difficulty.


After the questions and answers, the participants of the TMK online club meeting said goodbye in the hope of personal meetings soon and the arrival of the new normal period starting with an optimistic summer.