TMK Market Researchers: what happened in the last 15 months?

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 06. 06. 11:21

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2023/6-7.


“First-hand information from market researchers” was the tile of Trade Marketing Club’s (TMK) online meeting on 13 April, where there were more than 160 participants.

Ildikó Kátai

Ágnes Csiby

Hermann Zsuzsanna.Trade magazin

Zsuzsanna Hermann

TMK founder Zsuzsanna Hermann welcomed participants, and introduced the two other founders, Ágnes Csiby and Ildikó Kátai.




Tünde Turcsán

The first speaker was Tünde Turcsán, FMCG director of GfK, who told that the Hungarian purchasing power is half of the European Union’s average. 80% of households must cut back their spending, and 63% can’t afford to buy the same products as before. 60% of families plan to continue economising, but they follow different strategies in different categories.




Csilla Czikora
head of consulting and analytic insights

Csilla Czikora, head of consulting and analytic insights at NIQ (formerly: NielsenIQ) highlighted the fact that 2022 was the year of inflation, both regionally and globally, but the inflation rate was much higher in Easter Europe. 62% of Hungarian consumers are only buying essential products. Just 9% of shoppers are loyal to the brand they like irrespective of product price.

Andreas Christou-RetailZoom

Andreas Christou
managing director

Andreas Christou, managing director of RetailZoom underlined that consumers don’t necessarily think Hungarian retailers are more expensive anymore. Owing to the drastic increase in food prices, the number of items in the shopping basket reduced by 2. In Budapest the basket size is 2.4 times bigger than in the country and the basket value is 130% of the rural one. //




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