GfK’s European commercial purchasing power study is now available

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 04. 16:31

The average commercial purchasing power in Europe is 6,517 euros per person, however, there are significant differences between the 25 European countries examined in terms of expenses spent on commerce: Luxembourg has the highest commercial purchasing power per capita, which is 12,067 euros/person. In contrast, Romania has the lowest commercial spending potential. There are also strong regional differences within individual countries. These are some of the details of GfK’s recently published study on European commercial purchasing power.

The residents of the 25 European countries examined in the study have a total of nearly 3.4 trillion euros to spend in retail, which corresponds to an average retail purchasing power of 6,517 euros per capita. With this, Luxembourg is the leader, where people can spend 12,067 euros on retail expenses, which is more than 85 percent above the European average. Switzerland and Denmark are in second and third place. Germany is the closest to the average, where people have a commercial purchasing power of €6,667.

Overall, in 13 of the 25 countries, the commercial purchasing power per capita exceeds the average, while in 12 countries it is below the average. Romania ranks last with 2,986 euros, which corresponds to barely 46 percent of the average.

Together with Visegrad and neighboring countries, Hungary is in the last third of the ranking with an average retail potential of 4,572 euros per inhabitant.

However, regional differences can be clearly observed not only between the countries of the continent, but also within individual countries.

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