Changing promotional expectations

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2022. 04. 28. 18:00

Promóció LogoThis year, for the 14thtime, Trade magazin organised the ‘Most successful promotion of the year’ competition’s award ceremony and conference day. FMCG companies sent in their competition entries in 6 categories, and the jury of experts also handed out 5 special awards.

Balázs Barbara

In the new Conference Centre of Hungexpo Barbala Balázs, Business Development Manager and Zsuzsanna Hermann CEO of Trade magazin greeted the participants

No old or new normal


After the evaluation by an 11-member jury of experts and a survey conducted by market research specialist Kantar Hoffmann with 4 focus groups, the winners were announced on 28 April. Just like in other years, a one-day trade programme accompanied the event.

Tolnai Gábor_Promo

Gábor Tolnai, Kantar-Hoffmann’s division director, reviewed the promotions and found that customers no longer look back to pre-pandemic times, do not recall the old or consider the new normal, they simply live the present. The standard promotional elements still work well, mainly paired with a low entry threshold and a well-structured gift pyramid. Emotional attachment and a perceived high chance of winning increase the willingness to get involved. It is an incentive to see a big jackpot. So far, the combination of known mechanism and creative communication, innovative gifts has been the most successful, but for the first time this year, the need to use innovative promotional mechanisms and digital elements appeared, especially among young respondents.

Price regulation changes

dr. Szűcs László

“Let’s count to thirty!” in their presentation dr. Straubinger Zsófia and dr. László Szűcs PwC Legal attorneys reviewed the regulatory changes that will take effect at the end of May. They pointed out the requirements of the regulation on price reduction communication. The concept, scope, chamber interpretation and exceptions of the lowest price applied for a specified period of time were also explored. The basic cases of aggravating sanctions were illustrated by examples.

Influencers in promotions

In his presentation, Bálint Tóth, a social media and influencer specialist at Avantgarde Group, sought the answer to “What is a good influencer like?” The main challenge in this constantly evolving market is to find the influencer that best fits the given brand, goal, promotion. Appropriate value for money, equal interpretation of deadlines, credibility and long-term commitment are also important. Both data-driven and people-focused approaches contribute to effective reach and activation of followers.

New world order

Busák István

István Busák, the CEO of Isobar, shocked the audience by presenting five major world trends. The consumer and buyer of the near future will be formed in the cavalcade of alternative realities, decentralized autonomous organizations, metaversums and NDPs. “Also me! Generation” enclosed in bubbles, it defends itself against the stress of the real world with conscious disconnection. The path to them must be customized, virtual, social and sustainable, in an ecosystem of intellect and emotion.

Guba Zsófia

Top promotions

The professional presentations were wedged between the announcement and presentation of the results by category and the presentation of the entries of the first place winners and the special prize winners.

Diplomas, glass awards and discount vouchers were handed over during the day by Zsuzsanna Hermann and Zsófia Guba, Junior Client Service Executive at Kantar-Hoffmann.

The results of the most successful promotion of the year in 2022 are as follows:

Promo díjazottak tábla


Trade Magazine 6-7. in our print and digital issues, we report in detail on the awards ceremony, the conference and the podium, special prize promotions.

Professional partners of the competition: Trade Marketing Klub, POPAI Hungary,

The research partner of the competition is Kantar Hoffmann

Partners of the competition: Superbrands. MagyarBrands



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