Only 10 days until Plant-Powered Perspectives begins!

By: STA Date: 2022. 11. 03. 10:35

Hungary’s number one plant-based food industry conference, where plant-based nutrition trends are presented from many different perspectives.

The Hungarian food industry and HoReCa sector are facing more and more challenges after the shutdown after COVID, in the form of changing trends, sustainability challenges and the energy crisis. Meanwhile, the traffic is still far from reaching the pre-epidemic level. In many cases, a complete customer segment disappeared from the market in certain areas. Several global studies confirm that nearly 30% of consumers would be willing to switch their diet completely to a plant-based diet, purely for reasons of sustainability and environmental protection.

How can we adapt our business plans and the operation of our company to this constantly changing environment?

The Plant-Powered Perspectives food industry conference will help with this. Lectures and roundtable discussions will present plant-based nutrition trends from many different perspectives. The market and legal environment, innovations in the field of food production, and the hospitality industry will be discussed, but the speakers will cover the topic from the point of view of startups and growth as well.

The detailed program and the list of speakers can be found on the website!

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