Coop Rally visited food companies in East Hungary this year

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 09. 16. 12:38

This year the Coop Rally’s more than 300 participants visited 8 destinations (meat and dairy plants, a soft drink company, a winery, COOP stores and a fresh product logistics centre) in East Hungary. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, with the minister István Nagy being the rally’s patron. On 5 September, the 2nd day of the 2-day event László Pekó, chairman of the board of directors at CO-OP Hungary Zrt. told: The Coop Rally, which had started 14 years ago, became an important trade event by now. Mr Nagy talked about how excellent partner the Coop Group is for Hungarian farmers. Szatmári Malom Kft. won this year’s 650-kilometre race, while the special prize of the ministry went to Márka Üdítőgyártó Kft. With this year’s programme included, the rally has already introduced 119 Hungarian businesses and is supported by almost the complete FMCG sector.

Awardees and holders of special prizes at Coop Rally 2019:

PICK Szeged Zrt.

László Sutka

Location: Szeged

Annual turnover HUF: 63,2 billion

PICK salamis, sausages and other processed meat products of the 150-year-old Pick Szeged Zrt. are available in the shops of more than 200 retail chains in 35 countries. A member of the Bonafarm Group, Pick Szeged Zrt. is one of the biggest food companies in Central Europe with annual sales revenue of HUF 65 billion and EUR 60 million worth of export per year. We sell more than 40,000 tons of products a year and the popularity of PICK, HERZ and FAMÍLIA products make us the market leader. It was an honour for the Szeged plant to be the location for the Coop Rally’s start.






Integrál Zrt.

Location: Kiskunfélegyháza

Annual turnover HUF: 15,4 billion

Integrál Zrt. is a 100-percent Hungarian-owned company that has been active for more than 70 years. We do grocery retail via our 16 Alföld Pro-Coop Régió stores and process about 800,000-900,000 geese and 600,000-700,000 ducks a year. In 2017 we built a new 2,400m² production plant that makes the manufacturing of premium quality, healthy products possible, with a modern packaging. In 2019 we switched to a new image and started brand building work, establishing the Integrál and Regius brand names.’






Márka Üdítőgyártó Kft.

Horváth Adrienn
marketing director

Location: Felsőlajos

Annual turnover HUF: 4,2 billion

‘Márka’s more than 80 staff are proud of not only the company’s nearly 50-year heritage, but also of being the No.1 Hungarian soft drink company in the market. We cherish our traditions and never stop innovating. It is key that we also wish to pass on our set of values to trade partners and consumers – and not only in Hungary, but also in export markets. It was a great opportunity to be one of the stops in the Coop Rally and we were honoured to win the special prize of the Ministry of Agriculture.’






Co-op Star Zrt.

Dr. István Rédei

Location: Abony

Annual turnover HUF: 24 billion

‘Established in 1999, our company operates 121 Coop and 10 industrial product stores in 102 towns and villages of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. We employ 1,200 people. Thanks to the Coop Rally, we had the opportunity to learn about the latest product trends and innovations that ensure the competitiveness of Hungarian products. By following these new directions, we can also renew and stay in the game.’






Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft.

János Volosinovszki
managing director

Location: Nádudvar

Annual turnover HUF: 10,1 billion

Well-known brands: Nádudvari

‘Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. is 100-percent Hungarian and forms part of the Nagisz-Hage Group. We manufacture more than 100 different products, from E-free dairy products to frozen foods and processed meats. Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. is the manufacturer of several Coop private label products too. Being a Hungarian company, it is a priority for us to support causes such as the Coop Rally, which promotes high-quality Hungarian products.’






Észak-Kelet Pro-Coop Zrt.

Kozsnyánszky Gyula

Location: Miskolc

Annual turnover HUF: 27,5 billion

‘Our company has been a member of the Coop Group since 1 January 1999. We supply 600 stores in 4 counties with dry and fresh goods. In 2017 we opened our 3,300m² refrigerated warehouse, from where we deliver 3,875 SKUs to Coop shops, prioritising Hungarian products. We were one of the Coop Rally hosts for the second time – the event is also a good occasion to meet our partners and do a bit of team building.’






Naszálytej Zrt.

Attila Sallai

Location: Miskolc

Annual turnover HUF: 14,5 billion

Well-known brands: Fittej, Magic Milk, Zöldfarm, Jásztej, Dunatej, Toffini

‘Naszálytej Zrt. was already active in the Hungarian dairy market in the 1970s. We are in 100-percent Hungarian ownership. The company manufactures reliable, high-quality dairy products from Hungarian milk in Vác and Miskolc. Naszálytej Zrt. is proud of the pioneering work we do in the field of functional products. We were glad to host the Coop Rally teams as a stop in the race, popularising the consumption of Hungarian dairy products.’






Grand Tokaj Zrt.

Gergely Goreczky

Location: Szegi

Annual turnover HUF: 2,5 billion

Well-known brands: Grand Tokaj, Grand Selection, Koronás Tokaji Borkülönlegességek

‘Grand Tokaj Zrt. is state-owned and is the biggest winery in the Tokaj wine region. Under the supervision of chief winemaker Károly Áts, we make almost 6 million litres of wine. Due to our integrator role in the region, we buy grapes from 1,000 hectares of vineyard owned by 1,000 growers, and we also cultivate grapes on 67 hectares. The cooperation between Grand Tokaj and Co-op Hungary Zrt. has a long history; we even make private label products for Coop.’


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