Magazine: Wieners and frankfurters: A developing category

By: Szalai László Date: 2020. 11. 25. 07:52

Wieners and frankfurters still have the biggest share in the meat product category, 14 percent in value and 20 percent in volume. Data by Pick Szeged reveal that volume sales dropped 1 percent and value sales were up 3 percent in 2020. Poultry wieners/frankfurters were the most popular, followed by pork products.

by László Szalai

Packaged to be safe

Dósa Ágnes-Pick Szeged

Ágnes Dósa
junior product manager
Pick Szeged

We learned from Ágnes Dósa, junior product manager of Pick Szeged Zrt. that the meat shortage caused by the African swine fever forced manufacturers to increase prices drastically in 2019, while in the first quarter of 2020 they had to overcome the problems arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. She added that discounters continued their conquest in sales and more than 90 percent of wieners/frankfurters sold were pre-packaged products.


Zsolt Kazai
sales manager

Zsolt Kazai, sales manager of Wiesbauer-Dunahús Kft. called attention to the fact that the pandemic situation is likely to strengthen the positions of pre-packaged wieners and frankfurters further. The pandemic also increased consumer consciousness and this resulted in two trends: shoppers want a good price-value ratio, but they prefer as natural products as possible.

Peeled wieners

Zab Gábor_Kométa99

Gábor Zab
domestic sales director
Kométa 99

Wiener and frankfurter manufacturers agree that demand is shifting towards quality products. According to Gábor Zab, domestic sales director of Kométa 99 Zrt., Bécsi wiener dominates in the market. In hypermarkets, large-sized products (in the case of Kométa this means 800g) are popular, while in supermarkets the 400g duo-pack variant sells better.

Mr Zab highlighted the fact that the proportion of peeled Kométa wiener buyers is growing (Kométa Peeled Bécsi wiener, Kid and Cocktail wieners) because many consumers don’t like edible collagen casing. However, wieners in artificial casing offer an excellent opportunity for raising consumer attention, for instance, Kométa decorated these with cartoon characters in the school starting period, as children love wieners and frankfurters.

High quality in the poultry segment too

In May Pick Szeged came out with a high added value poultry HOT DOG product in the PICK PICKOLINO wiener range. The product is available in 140g format and shoppers can also choose the cheese version or the 280g variant – informed Ms Dósa. Peeled wiener PICK PICKOLINO HOT DOG is characterised by high meat content and a mildly smoky and spicy taste. It contains no flavour enhancers and is free from gluten and lactose. In 2020 PICK continues to focus on selling its PICKOLINO wieners.

A new consumer need: glutamate-free wiener

In December 2019, Wiesbauer-Dunahús sold almost 300 tons of wieners/frankfurters, and the annual sales performance was 7.5 percent better than in the previous year. Mr Kazai said sales peaked in April due to the pandemic-induced stockpiling, then they fell in May and got back to normal in June. His view is that being free from gluten, lactose and soy is now a basic consumer requirement when it comes to buying wieners or frankfurters. A growing number of the company’s partners show demand for products that are glutamate-free too.

Old flavours, new technologies

Tamáskovitsné Gila Éva - Gyulahús

Éva Tamáskovitsné Gila
product manager

When the school year starts, sales of Gyulai liver paté, wiener and Bologna products rise. Éva Tamáskovitsné Gila, marketing manager of Gyulahús Kft. told Trade magazin that Gyulai Liver Paté and Wiener products are gluten- and lactose-free. In the wiener high season, the company’s specialists shops also sell wiener in sheep casing. The company manufactures both private label and branded wieners, wiener sold in bulk and 180g and 360g pre-packaged products. This year Gyulahús Kft. participates in the promotion campaign of Hungarian Product Nonprofit Kft., which lasts until January 2021.

Vegans can also have it

Last year Pápai Hús extended the shelf life of frankfurters and sheep casing wieners sold from the deli counter, plus they increased the meat content of sheep casing wieners. This step resulted in a sales increase above the expected level – informed Kata Dobos, marketing manager of Pápai Hús Kft. This year’s biggest innovation from the company is the vegan product range that contains a wiener product too. Plus they are also changing the product packaging sizes in the wiener/frankfurter portfolio. //

Sága wieners aren’t made of turkey anymore

László Bárány
Master Good

Master Good, the new owner of Sága Foods Zrt. has updated Füstli wiener and the complete Füstli and Füstlizer product range. In addition to changing the packaging, the products are now made of 100-percent GMO-free poultry meat products by Master Good, instead of the former turkey base material. What is more, a new pork wiener has also been added to the portfolio – informed managing director László Bárány. //

Pork wieners and frankfurters are the most popular

nielsen logo

Nagy Kitti-Nielsen

Guest author: Kitti Nagy
client service manager

Hungarian shoppers purchased approximately 35,000 tons of wiener and frankfurter between July 2019 and June 2020. Volume sales augmented by 4 percent and value sales grew by 12 percent from the base period – they represented a value of more than HUF 48 billion. Pre-packaged products realised 84 percent of value sales – these products performed 2 percentage points better than in the base period. Stores with a floor space between 401 and 2,500m² produced 56 percent of value sales; sales were up 16 percent in these stores. Manufacturer brands had a 56-percent sales share. Pork wieners and frankfurters were the most popular: they had a 54-percent share in value sales. //

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