Magazine: Only the best will do in baby care!

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 04. 29. 07:47
Szabó Viktória-Johnson & Johnson

Viktória Szabó
brand activation
Johnson & Johnson

When buying baby care products, for consumers the number one factor is quality. Viktória Szabó, brand activation manager of Johnson & Johnson Kft. informed us that value sales stayed put in the baby care market in 2019, but volume sales decreased by 7 percent. For the Johnson’s brand last year was about renewal, but the brand remained the market leader. Shoppers seem to have moved on from hypermarkets to drugstores in the baby care category too.

We learned from Gréta Tölgyesi, senior brand manager of Essity Hungary Kft. that the nappy market expanded by more than 4 percent in value and sales augmented by nearly 3 percent in volume in 2019. Sales of Essity products followed this trend.


Ilona Guba
sales and marketing director

Hipp Termelő és Kereskedelmi Kft.’s sales and marketing director Ilona Guba told Trade magazin that the size of the market didn’t change. Shoppers are looking for clinically tested, allergen-free products, in the right size and innovative packaging.

Ms Tölgyesi said that parents want the best and most reliable nappies for their babies, and they would like to get these at the lowest price possible. Ms Guba added that brand loyalty depends on how satisfied users are with the products. She revealed that consumers are less price-sensitive when it comes to buying baby care products than in purchasing baby food. Recently free-from products have become popular. Ms Szabó told that the recommendation of doctors and nurses matter a lot to shoppers. Once something works for them and the children are still small, parents don’t really switch to new products.

Babies need different types of care products than adults. There are several NIVEA® Sun products that are made especially for babies and children. Melinda Jáger, sales manager of Beiersdorf Kft. explained that protecting children’s skin requires special care, and the best products are those which can be applied quickly and easily. Protect & Care Moisturising Children’s Sunscreen Spray FF50+ is the perfect choice – it is available in 300ml size. NIVEA® Sun Sensitive products target children with the most sensitive skin, they are available in classic plastic bottle lotion and spray variants.

Babaápolásban csak a legjobb a jó! - körkép a babaápolási termékekről

Ms Szabó explained that innovation is just as important in the case of baby care products as in facial care. This is the reason why Johnson’s products were reborn last year, both inside and outside. These baby care products are now made using formulas that ensure the tenderest wash and care: they contain 50 percent fewer components and are free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates. The company rolled out a brand new product range too, called CottonTouch™. Johnson’s bedtime baby bath wash is the company’s most popular product; it is available in 500ml size.

Babaápolásban csak a legjobb a jó! - körkép a babaápolási termékekről


Izabella Kowalska
junior category
Essity Hungary

Ms Tölgyesi spoke to Trade magazin about absorption capacity being the most important innovation direction for Essity. At the same time the sustainability factor is taken into consideration by more and more nappy buying parents, so the Libero brand is working hard to meet the ever more complex consumer needs. Megapack pull-up nappies are still the most popular from the company’s products.

Libero Touch nappies have been introduced to the Hungarian market too. Soon plastic-free, 95-percent natural component Libero wet wipes will also be available in stores – informed Izabella Kowalska, Essity Hungary Kft.’s junior category manager. Ms Guba’s experience is that demand is growing for allergen-free products and those marketed in eco-friendly packaging. Hipp’s main products are wet wipes, baby bath wash and care products. In 2020 the company starts selling Mamasanft products in the Hungarian market: massage oil, body butter and firming balm for young mothers. //

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