Lidl has set new goals to promote conscious nutrition

By: STA Date: 2023. 01. 31. 11:00

Lidl has adopted an international package of measures to promote conscious nutrition, which includes the development of both the product range and communication. The aim of the supermarket chain is to develop the best product range by 2025 in order to promote a conscious and more sustainable lifestyle. The company is strengthening this aspiration with a number of new measures so that customers can make informed consumer decisions as easily as possible during their purchases in the future.

(Photo: Lidl Hungary)

The way we eat has a huge impact on both our health and our natural environment. How will approximately 10 billion people in 2050 be able to eat healthily without completely exhausting our planet’s resources? This question also concerned the leading scientists of the EAT-Lancet Committee, who in 2019 developed a special diet that prioritizes fiber-rich, plant-based products with a lower environmental impact.

The goal is health awareness

The so-called Based on the Planetary Health Diet nutritional model, Lidl is working to offer its customers the best selection of products for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle by 2025. As part of this commitment, Lidl aims to gradually increase the proportion of whole grains and plant-derived protein sources in its own brand range by 2025 – in the latter case, among other things, by expanding the vegan product range.
“For many years, we have been working to support the health-conscious eating of our customers, while also protecting our environment. Our latest goals also serve to offer our customers even more alternatives through our improved selection in order to promote conscious and sustainable nutrition, said Judit Tőzsér, the company’s communications manager.

It is important to learn the basics of health-conscious nutrition as early as possible, and this process is influenced by, among other things, the kind of advertising we encounter in childhood

Lidl has decided that from January 2023, following the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), it will no longer advertise food to children with a high content of saturated fatty acids, sugar or salt – with the exception of promotional items for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. In addition, the company is now increasing its marketing activities promoting healthier and more sustainable nutrition for children. In order to facilitate a conscious customer decision and transparent communication, Lidl has already started marking certain of its own brand products with the Nutri-Score label. With the help of the five-level color scale from A to E, customers can easily and quickly find out the nutritional value classification of the given product. More information about the marking system can be found on the Lidl website.

The company has been working with the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians for years as a professional partner in promoting health-conscious eating

“Healthy and sustainable nutrition starts with menu planning and shopping. Therefore, it is very important that customers receive all the help they can get in the grocery store so that they can make the right consumer decision as easily as possible. With the continuous development of their own branded products, the provision of a wide and increasingly modern selection, and the information placed in the stores and on the products, Lidl significantly contributes to the realization of a healthier diet,” said Zsuzsanna Szűcs, president of the MDOSZ, in relation to the new measures of the supermarket chain.

As a responsible company, Lidl Hungary places special emphasis on the promotion of health-conscious nutrition at a strategic level, and you can read more about its commitment in this regard in the supermarket chain’s latest procurement policy, which can be found on the Sustainability sub-page.

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