Magazine: Trendier fruit syrups

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 01. 22. 10:03

Nóra Kisfürjesi
brand manager

According to Nóra Kisfürjesi, brand manager of Sió-Eckes Kft., fruit syrups are undergoing a renaissance in Hungary. Why? Because one can make just the right portion of soft drink for themselves, which also tastes just like they love it.

Károly Takács
sales director
Pölöskei Italgyártó

Károly Takács, sales director of Pököskei Italgyártó Kft. informed that sales in the fruit syrup category decrease by a one-digit number or they stagnate at best, but the company’s fruit syrup sales have augmented by two-digit numbers, thanks to the good performance of their returnable glass bottle product. Boglárka Deák, marketing and PR manager of Ital Magyarország also talked about a standstill in sales last year – in both value and volume; to make things worse, 2019 brought a small sales decline. János Gólya, managing director of Stork Élelmiszer Manufaktúra Kft. talked to Trade magazin about the steadily growing consumer demand for their premium Méhes-Mézes fruit syrups.

Boglárka Deák
marketing and
Ital Magyarország

Ms Deák added that sales of low-sugar and no added sugar products are on rise. Shoppers are price-sensitive in the category – this is indicated by the fact that large, 1-litre fruit syrups sell the best. Sales of private label products increased a little in 2019. Eszter Birven, marketing director of Gramex Drinks said: It is noteworthy how important a role traditional Hungarian-owned retail chains and wholesalers play in fruit syrup sales. Hyper- and supermarkets are the main places where shoppers can buy 2-litre Sconto fruit syrups. She also spoke about natural flavouring agents being used more widely instead of artificial ones. The most popular fruit syrup flavours are raspberry, orange and strawberry.

János Gólya
managing director
Stork Élelmiszer

Mr Gólya called attention to the trend that shoppers visit online shops more often. Reacting to this, the company started to use more workers for serving this retail channel. Mr Takács spoke to our magazine about stable manufacturer brands, such as Pölöskei is. In his view the market will go in the direction of eco-friendly packaging and returnable bottles.

This autumn Sió-Eckes Kft. replaced its Sió fruit syrups with premium quality Yo products. Earlier only 0.7-litre Yo fruit syrups were periodically available in stores, but observing the premiumisation process in the fruit syrup market, they decided to go for a more comprehensive presence, which even includes the launch of special products such as apple-Alpine herbs, with 45-percent fruit content – informed Ms Kisfürjesi. The company also rolled out the 0.35-litre Yo Fruchtvoll product line, which stands alone in the market with a 65-percent fruit and a -30-percent sugar content. Yo Fruchtvoll fruit syrups are available in special flavours such as apricot, forest fruits and blackcurrant. Mr Takács informed that Pölöskei Italgyártó Kft. had started manufacturing products with a spill-proof bottle cap.

Ms Deák revealed that the most popular Ital Magyarország Ági fruit syrup flavours are raspberry, orange, strawberry and citrus. From the special flavour combinations consumers really like mango-lotus flower, elder-lime and lime-mint. Just recently Ági fruit syrups with honey have been launched with great success.

Eszter Birven
marketing director
Gramex Drinks

Ms Birven told that raspberry and orange are the top Gramex Drinks fruit syrups. Next year they plan to come out with a forest fruits and a citrus product – they hope these will be just as popular as last year’s cactus fig fruit syrup. Mr Gólya told our magazine that Stork Élelmiszer Manufaktúra Kft.’s 0.5-litre fruit syrups are the most popular. The company only markets its products in glass bottles and soon they will switch to FSC-certified green packaging. //

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