Red Bull dance competition on TikTok

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2020. 11. 09. 10:23

Red Bull is turning its yearly “Dance Your Style” competition into a virtual event on video-sharing app TikTok.

Red Bull táncverseny 2020

Nov. 2. Red Bull announced on PR Newswire that Dance Your Style challenges dancers everywhere to audition on TikTok in a new competition format during 5-15. nov.2020.

The History

Since 2018, Red Bull Dance Your Style has provided a global platform for street dancers from around the world to show off their skill and originality in head-to-head battles. From hip-hop to popping, house, waacking, Memphis Jookin’, locking, and more, Red Bull Dance Your Style includes a variety of street styles, all of which originated in the US from the streets of beloved cities like New York, Chicago, Memphis, and Atlanta.

Across more than 30 countries, with victory decided by audience vote. Last year, the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final, hosted in Paris, France at the historic Grande Halle de La Villette, was the culmination of 65 events held across 30 countries throughout the year, where attendees ultimately decided who ruled the dance floor by their votes.

The Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final 2019 took place, giving birth to a new generation of stars, not least the Netherlands’ Shinshan – the very first world champion.And the rise of a new dancing generation began.

Red Bull táncverseny győztes 2019

Even wider access online

Within the past year, TikTok has helped everyone fall in love with dance from school teachers and doctors– to dancers sliding in mainstream music videos.  Dance Hashtags have become a powerful digital trend and as a result, TikTok has transformed the lives of dancers themselves, launching the careers of dancers like Jojo Akamz, Taylor Pierce and Charli D’Amelio, the teenager whose dance videos helped her to amass a record almost 100 million followers.

Via this digital competition, the sky’s the limit for how many dancers can experience Red Bull Dance Your Style from anywhere, all through the power of dance and TikTok.

With more people stuck at home, and as more countries reintroduce lockdown measures to curb a second wave of coronavirus infections, Red Bull can reach consumers who are turning to social media for entertainment and to stay connected with others.

The TikTok dance competition is another sign of how experientially-minded marketers are adjusting their operations to better fit the digital world. Red Bull can potentially reach hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. TikTok tends to more popular with young adults and teens, who also are more likely than older demographic groups to drink Red Bull.

Emotions, personalities and magic

A 30-second audition video must be created and uploaded onto TikTok and on “Get Loose Now” by the Black Eyed Peas as soundtrack, this song has to be used to enter the competition. Videos must also have the @RedBullDance handle and the #redbulldanceyourstyle hashtag in the caption and be posted by Nov. 15. The news can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube too.

For the first round of this year’s competition, judges from around the world representing some of the biggest international names in dance include: hip-hop dancer, teacher and choreographer Majid Kessab of Germany; Japanese waacking freestyler and global performer Ibuki Imata and US hip-hop dancer, actor and So You Think You Can Dance winner Leon “Kida the Great” Burns.

“Street dance is real and raw, and it’s a big inspiration for other dance styles now. Almost everybody is touched by watching it, because you can see personalities and emotions. You can have three different people dancing the same style, but they won’t interpret it in the same way. That’s the magic,” says Kessab. “A lot of dancers don’t have the chance to travel around and share their skills. Now they can show the world what they’ve got online. This opportunity gives them the chance to be part of a big event from home.”

Users can vote for 8 winners who will participate in the final in 2021, using TikTok’s poll function from Nov. 25 to Dec. 13. Other 8 winners will be chosen by the judges.

Red Bull táncverseny 2020

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