Trademark users team up to develop new products

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 03. 15. 16:47
Molnár Éva-Gyulahús

Éva Molnár

Éva Molnár, commerce manager of Gyulahús Kft. has reported that they successfully developed an additive-free sausage. Thanks to this another Hungarian Product partner company was able to expand its additive-free product range.

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Tóthy Judit-Europe Gastro

Judit Tóthy
marketing and procurement
Europe Gastro

Judit Tóthy, marketing and procurement director of Europe Gastro Kft. – the manufacturer of Hello Food ready meals – told that Gyulahús is the only Hungarian company that can produce enough additive-free sausage for them. Now her company can make Jókai bean soup and lecsó (a kind of Hungarian tomato-pepper stew) as well!

Hello Food’s 18 different ready meals are available in many retail chains, plus it is also the company that makes Jólenni products for Penny Market. Europe Gastro Kft. also manufactures lactose- and gluten-free food. //

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