Cheaper, fewer, promotional

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 11. 11. 10:49

NielsenIQ hosted a POPAI Hungary Association meeting on 6 October, the topic of which was e-commerce from NielsenIQ’s perspective.

Vágyi Erik, Nielsen IQ

Erik Vágyi
managing director

Managing director Erik Vágyi welcomed participants and spoke about how growing prices, inflation and product shortage issues affect consumers all over the world, in one form or another.


Csilla Zsigmond-Czikora
key account manager group lead

Csilla Zsigmond-Czikora, key account manager group lead of NielsenIQ talked about growing shopper consciousness, consumers visiting cheaper stores and looking for cheaper products, buying less and hunting for promotions.





Győrváry- Aszatrjan Diána, NielsenIQ

Diána Győrváry-
senior consumer insight consultant

Diána Győrváry-Aszatrjan, senior consumer insight consultant of NielsenIQ revealed that 89% of purchases are planned, and fewer people buy impulse products.


Kovács Gergely, NielsenIQ

Gergely Kovács
client business partner

Gergely Kovács, client business partner of NielsenIQ put online retailers into the “brick&click” and “pure player” categories. He mentioned that pure players have also started launching private label products.





Holczinger-Zay Krisztina, NielsenIQ

Krisztina Holczinger-Zay
client service manager

Krisztina Holczinger-Zay, client service manager of NielsenIQ gave an overview of European trends. She informed that e-commerce’s share is above 5% in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic, but only 1.2% in Hungary. //


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