Confectioneries and ice cream parlors are in a difficult situation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 18. 11:15

In a recent interview with Pénzcentrum, Balázs Erdélyi, the professional president of the Hungarian Confectionery Association, talks about the situation, prospects and future trends of confectioneries and ice cream parlors. According to him, many pastry shops have closed recently, mainly due to administrative burdens and high energy costs in larger cities. In smaller settlements, confectioneries are important community places with more loyal customers.

In the interview, Balázs Erdélyi also talks about how, although the past year was about survival, confectioners can look to the future with optimism, hoping for a stronger season. This confidence can be felt in the quote below:

“We are confident that maybe we will have a better season this year, because it would be good for our profession so that the years are not only about survival, but colleagues can also build up some reserves.”

The evolution of prices is also an important topic during the interview. According to Balázs Erdélyi, no significant price increase is expected for ice creams, and the average price of cakes will range between HUF 1,000-1,500. THE

“For the time being, there is no need to expect a big price increase for ice cream, there are those who start the season at last year’s price and those who are forced to increase, they are also planning a roughly 10-15% price correction. […] The price of cakes is HUF 1,000 on average and It ranges between HUF 1,500 in most places.”

Finally, the impact of climate change is also a topic in the interview, which concerns the seasonality of ice creams and the use of raw materials. The quote below illustrates this:

“If the climate changes drastically, consumption habits may also change. If we look at the fact that in Italy there is a queue for ice cream even at midnight in the summer, it is possible that the same thing will happen in our country in the future.”

In the future, the quality of ice creams may improve, and the new generations are open to new things and the use of natural ingredients. Under the influence of climate change, the seasonal duration of ice cream may be extended, and ingredients from local producers may become increasingly important.

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