The GKID-Mastercard eRANKING 2022 is already out

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 06. 06. 09:08

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2023/6-7.

Stable market share for the top players

In 2023 GKID – in collaboration with Mastercard – published the ranking of the largest online retailers operating in Hungary for the 8th time. Last year the combined gross sales revenue of the 15 largest e-commerce businesses in Hungary reached gross HUF 565bn, up 9% compared to 2021. The sales share of the largest retailers was stable: out of a domestic e-commerce sales value around HUF 1,323bn, the top 15 online retailers accounted for 42.6% of the market (this share was 43.1% back in 2021). In 2022 the top 15 online retailers completed 14.4 million successful orders, 19% of the total (77.1 million orders) online market.

The winners of 2022

Hungary’s largest online retailer has been eMAG for the fourth consecutive year. With a gross sales revenue above HUF 194bn, eMAG alone realised 14.7% of total Hungarian online retail sales. Pepita produced the highest growth rate in sales in the top 15: the Hungarian-owned company was able to increase its sales revenue by more than 70% in 2022, moving up two places in the ranking to the 12th place. The second biggest jump in the top 15 was Kifli: the Czech online grocery store was ranked 6th in 2021, but thanks to a successful year with more than 40% growth, it has now moved up to 5th place in the 2022 ranking.

Kifli is the new leader among online FMCG retailers

There has been a change at the top of the ranking in the FMCG category: based on its 2022 performance, Kifli is now the biggest online grocery and drug product retailer, having overtaken Tesco. As a newcomer, online diaper retailer leaped to the 6th place in the FMCG category, becoming the category’s largest 100% Hungarian-owned firm just 5 years after the launch of the online store. There is another new player in the FMCG ranking: Hungarian-owned online drinks retailer The company is a major wholesaler in the alcoholic drink market, but is also the 8th largest online player in the FMCG category in B2C sales.

Gross online sales of food, drug and household goods in the FMCG category reached HUF 141bn in 2022, following a 20.1 rise%. The top 10 retailers were responsible for HUF 99.5bn of the sector’s online sales in 2022, with a 70.4% market share. In the online FMCG market, not only retailers, but also different business models compete with each other: besides the “traditional” model relying on a store-based offering (Tesco, Auchan and SPAR), online-only quick commerce (, foodora and Wolt) is becoming more and more frequent.


GKID-Mastercard will summarise the first half of the year in Hungary’s online retail at Trade magazin’s Business Days conference on 27 September! //

100% Hungarian online retailers above the 5 billion mark

Although there are more than 32,000 Hungarian online shops in Hungary, according to GKID’s survey on 100% Hungarian-owned companies, only 13 firms reach or surpass the gross HUF 5bn online sales mark. Consumer electronics online retailer Euronics is at the top of the ranking of 100% Hungarian-owned companies. Foreign online retailers (German, Czech, Polish, Slovakian and Romanian) are becoming more and more dominant every year as the Hungarian e-commerce market is growing.


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