Emotions are the drivers of promotions too

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2022. 07. 04. 10:26

At Trade magazin’s “Most successful promotion of the year in 2022” conference, market researcher Kantar Hoffman gave a presentation on what consumers think about promotions.

Tolnai Gábor-Kantar

Gábor Tolnai
Kantar Hoffmann
head of marketing insight division

Head of marketing insight division Gábor Tolnai shared the results of their focus group survey – there were 2 groups with 23-35 year old singles and 2 groups with 36-55 year old families participating.

We like to play and win

Smartphone apps are now very frequently used in promotions. This isn’t even a trend anymore but a basic expectation. Consumers like easy entry and attractive prizes. Those activities that help to save money are very popular, e.g. 10% off the final sum, coupons that can be redeemed in the next shopping. People like everything that involves playing –

scratchcards, wheels of fortune, etc. Instant win motivates shoppers for participation and they also like to win experiences, for instance cinema, concert or match tickets.

Evergreens we never get bored with

Gábor Tolnai told: shoppers like if there are lots of different gifts, if they can win often and if there is a big main prize. On the contrary, they hate collecting product packagings and receipts. Tasting and distributing samples reach a large number of consumers, because people love to try products. If a promotion is based on a brand and a matching experience (band, concert, movies, etc.), then a compact and diverse activity can be connected to it both in stores and bars, restaurants, etc.

Dynamic innovations

Young people can best be reached on Instagram and at festivals, but TikTok is also becoming very popular in Hungary too. In the past a well-known promotional mechanism, creative communication and innovative gifts worked best. For the first time, this year demand appeared – especially among young people – for new-type promotional mechanisms and the use of digital elements. Young consumers appreciate if something is different and innovative. Environmental protection, charity and supporting good causes can reach certain consumer groups very effectively. (x)

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