The role of video marketing in sales is growing

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 06. 01. 09:26

We also witnessed the overwhelming explosion of online commerce in Hungary: in 2020, the e-commerce sector in Hungary expanded by 45%, and then by another 30% last year, and soon 14-15 percent of the total retail cake could belong to the online channel.

However, it also means that there has never been such a battle for the attention of consumers, and a good web store and some ads are far from enough to attract returning customers. Creativity, an experience-based shopping journey and interactivity are paramount – and audiovisual content now plays a key role in this. How can we conquer the youngest consumers, what are the latest trends in the video marketing market and how can we become content producers ourselves? Hungarian RECnGO, which develops innovative video streaming solutions, has compiled a recipe for success.

On average, people spend 100 minutes a day watching videos online, and more than half of consumers, even in stores, do so to find out about selected products before making a purchase. Merchants who also use audiovisual content in their marketing activities report a significant increase in their website traffic (86%) and a direct correlation between sales figures and regular video sharing (78%).