National champions in the food industry

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 04. 10:20

Hungary’s success comes from the operation of successful Hungarian enterprises and companies, therefore there will be national champions in the food industry who will also hold their own on the world market – declared Dr. Márton Nobilis, State Secretary responsible for food industry and trade policy at the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The state secretary emphasized that the past period has highlighted the fact that it is in our national economic interest to reduce import dependence and increase export capacity in the food industry as well. This can only be realized if we focus on the development of – primarily – large food industry companies that base their production on domestic raw materials, optimize the use of resources by thinking in a chain approach, and are thus able to produce a high added value, homogenous and large quantity of goods. That is why we created the “Food Industry Champion Program” focusing on the development strategies of key players in the food industry, he added.

Dr. Márton Nobilis explained that these interventions focus on complex developments, from different sources and under different conditions

With the Food Industry Champion Program, we are creating the opportunity to gather the available professional and support opportunities at the entire government level into one bouquet and provide opportunities for the development of the Champions. Businesses selected in the Program are supported by a mentor during their participation. The state secretary drew attention to the fact that the agrarian policy task of the coming years will be to create a food industry that is capable of growing even with the production of higher value-added products, holds its own on the world market, and supplies the Hungarian population with high-quality, safe domestic food. In the long term, the engine of competitiveness can only be the creative power of enterprises, their tradition-based innovation and development – stressed Dr. Márton Nobilis.


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