Magazine: Dishwashers are taking over

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 07. 26. 07:00

Dóra Szűcs
brand manager
Henkel Magyarország

According to Dóra Szűcs, brand manager of Henkel Magyarország Kft., the engine of the washing-up product sales growth is the increasing penetration of dishwashers. The sales growth is the biggest in the category of premium, multi-functional tablets and gels.

Yvette Krubl, communications PR manager of Procter&Gamble in the CE region informed that dishwasher detergent sales keep growing. The company’s Jar product range is market leader among washing-up liquids in Hungary, and Jar dishwasher detergents are the market leader in the region.

Aranka Szován
senior brand & trade
marketing manager
Reckitt Benckiser

Finish is Hungary’s market leading dishwasher detergent brand. Aranka Szován, senior brand & trade marketing manager of Reckitt Benckiser Hygiene Home Kft. told our magazine that dishwasher sales augmented by nearly 20 percent in Hungary last year, to reach a penetration level of 22 percent. Consequently, value sales of dishwasher detergents rose by 16 percent and volume sales jumped 14 percent.

Edit Oláh
marketing manager
Vileda – Freudenberg

Edit Oláh, marketing manager of Vileda – Freudenberg Háztartási Cikkek Bt. reported to us that sales of sponges and cloths increased in terms of both value and volume. Kitti Lovas, marketing assistant of Sarantis Hungary Kft. spoke to our magazine about an improved sales performance by DOMET last year, with washing-up sponges doing the best.

Procter&Gamble’s most popular new, premium washing-up products are Jar Pure&Clean and Jar Extra Hygiene, while among dishwasher detergents Jar Platinum Plus conquers. Jar buyers are loyal to the brand.

Richárd Orbán
brand manager

Richárd Orbán, brand manager of DunaPro called attention to the fact that with the growing popularity of online shopping, more and more consumers compare product information on the internet before buying. This means that product tests and ratings have become important. Just like in other categories, 2in1 products and those with a complex effect are increasingly popular.

Henkel Magyarország Kft.’s expert told that shoppers prefer scented products; the company’s raspberry Pur that had been launched last year became very popular soon. This year they are putting the Somat All in One dishwasher gel on the market. Sarantis Hungary Kft.’s DOMET brand is coming out with innovative new products to battle strengthening private label products. Not only DOMET washing-up sponges, but also Universal cloths and Wet wipes are popular among consumers, and DOMET Nitril gloves also sold well.

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Vileda – Freudenberg Háztartási Cikkek Bt.’s Vileda brand is the market leader, so the company feels it is an obligation to improve their products in every category. They recommend the Color Pur Active sponge for cleaning Teflon surfaces. Ultra Fresh microfibre cleaning cloth combines youthful colours with an antibacterial effect. Reckitt Benckiser Hygiene Home Kft.’s expert informed that by 2018 nearly 70 percent of the market consisted of product sizes that serve a household for more than 6 months – and shoppers buy these almost exclusively in promotion.

Ms Szűcs: ‘Henkel Magyarország has already launched two new products this year: Somat All in One dishwasher gel and Somat All in One Extra dishwasher tablet. More new products can be expected from the company in 2019.

Krubl Yvette
közép-európai vállalati
kommunikációs manager
Procter & Gamble

Ms Krubl: ‘Jar Platinum Plus capsule is the best Procter&Gamble product in the market. Jar Platinum All in One liquid-formula dishwasher capsules can remove even the most stubborn dirt from dishes. Nearly half of dishwasher detergent buyers repurchase the given segment of a brand.’ Ms Szován: ‘From Reckitt Benckiser Hygiene Home Kft.’s Finish portfolio Quantum and Classic products are the most popular. As the market leader we keep putting new innovations on the market: 2019 brought new Finish gels to the Hungarian market.

Mr Orbán: ‘One of DunaPro’s most popular products in the category is Ultra Disinfectant Washing-up Powder, in 500g and 20kg sizes alike. Ultra Washing-up Powder and the Ultra Daisy Hypoallergenic washing-up product come next in the ranking of top products. We will come out with several new innovations from the brands we distribute in the dishwasher capsule category.’ Ms Oláh: ‘Shoppers prefer those on-pack promotional products from the Vileda – Freudenberg Háztartási Cikkek Bt. portfolio that come with a gift, e.g. the Glitzi 2+1 washing-up sponge or the special-surface Color Pur Active 3+1 washing-up sponge.

Lovas Kitti
Sarantis Hungary

Ms Lovas: ‘Sarantis Hungary Kft.’s latest products include the Teflon sponge and the Premium Kitchen sponge, which is available in packs of 5. Flexi kitchen sponge and the Cellulose sponge have been developed for cleaning sensitive surfaces.. //

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