Data-based campaign planning for maximum efficiency

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 04. 08. 10:07

The technological development of recent years has transformed media consumption habits, and this resulted in changes in the advertising market too. We know that an advertisement works best if it reaches shoppers in the phase when they are gathering information about the products they wish to purchase and making the buying decisions. Online sales are growing rapidly in the FMCG world, but it is still brick and mortar stores that dominate sales-wise: 76 percent of grocery buying decisions are made in front of the shelves. This is the reason why in-store advertising can be very effective.

Our company, dunnhumby analyses consumption habits to build a database for supporting the process of campaign planning. For instance last year dunnhumby implemented and analysed 1,600 campaigns in the Tesco stores of Central Europe. Our data, knowledge and expertise can help partners use their advertising budgets with maximum efficiency, achieving campaign goals such as maximum in-store visibility, familiarising shoppers with a new product or increasing sales. (x)

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