Magazine: Hungarians are now doing their daily shopping in discount supermarkets too

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 06. 12. 07:27

Discount supermarkets continue their conquest in 2019. What is more, the process has reached a new phase in European markets: these stores are transforming into some kind of service provider, offering convenience solutions.

Tünde Turcsán
client service director
GfK ConsumerPanel

The biggest driver of this process is young consumers, who are using digital solutions also when buying FMCG products. At the same time besides buying online, they are also seeking physical experiences, innovative products and personalised

In 2018 Hungarian households spent a little more on FMCG products than in 2017, while the number of buying occasions didn’t change. As regards the penetration level of various channels, about 93 percent of the 4 million Hungarian households visited a discount supermarket – 20 percent more than in the previous year. It is noteworthy that families did the shopping in discount stores almost just as often as in small shops, which shows that discounters have become the place for daily shopping too.

How do shoppers choose where to go? ‘Easy access’ is the number one factor by far. This is followed by the selection of products offered in promotion, good opening hours, a large selection of products, low prices in basic grocery product categories and product quality. Shoppers were more conscious in 2018 than before, they went shopping with a list prepared in advance and compared the offers made by retailers in their promotional leaflets: 85 percent of shoppers said they read these leaflets and 42 percent decide based on these. //


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