ALDI reduces the amount of paper used for flyers by 90%: the store chain saves 5,000 tons of paper every year

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 15. 10:36

ALDI Hungary is constantly working to keep the impact of its activities on the environment as low as possible. The weekly 40-48-page flyer of the department store chain, which is also known for its innovative environmental protection solutions, will be available exclusively online from January on the website and in the application. The company will distribute a two-page extract from the paper-based flyer nationwide.

(Photo: Aldi Hungary)

According to the decision of ALDI Hungary – which won the “Environmentally Conscious Retailer of the Year” award in 2021 and 2022 thanks to its pioneering green solutions – the production and distribution of the usual paper-based leaflet will cease from January 2023, while the leaflet presenting the current promotions will remain online in the same format it remains available on the company’s website, and in its mobile phone application. The company will distribute a smaller, two-page, paper-based flyer with a summary of the current promotions nationwide. With the help of the QR code placed on the page, customers can also access the online flyer containing all current offers at any time.
Thanks to the supermarket chain’s measures, nearly 5,000 tons of paper waste will be produced annually, and the material thus saved, as well as the reduction in the carbon footprint resulting from the cessation of the production and delivery of large leaflets, not only supports sustainability, but also means lower operating costs for ALDI. The online flyer and double-sided flyer alone will have a 60% lower environmental impact. This saving also provides the company with the opportunity to curb price increases and to further increase the wages of employees.

Online leaflet: always at hand

The company’s flyer has been available on web interfaces for years and has found a positive response among consumers, who quickly switched to using sustainable, easily and anytime accessible, convenient and up-to-date online interfaces in all respects. The advantages are obvious, since the online flyer produced in an environmentally friendly way can be browsed anywhere, at any time, the discount products can be searched for, and consumers can also create a shopping list in the application. The use of online leaflets has now become commonplace for ALDI customers, on the one hand, according to research, almost two-thirds of customers prefer online information to paper-based information, and on the other hand, in recent months, more than 70% of visitors came to the ALDI website specifically for the online leaflet . The number of visits and loading of this menu item on the website shows an increase of over 10% every month. In the future, the double-sided flyer will be available for customers looking for paper-based solutions.

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