Fried fish with vegetables became the perfect family dinner

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 10. 13. 11:16
The National Association of People with Diabetes (CEOSZ) has announced a public tender for the best recipes that can be included in the diet of people with diabetes. Among the most promising recipes for the finals we can find quick and healthy family dinners, a fried fish with vegetables took the palm away from stuffed zucchini and spinach nokedli.

The diabetic meal should include vegetables, cereals and whole protein-rich ingredients (fish, eggs, dairy products, meat), salt, and as little added fat as possible; while sugar and food that does not fit the diet of diabetics (honey, fruit syrup, etc.) should not be included at all, but the chosen ingredients should reflect the domestic food selection and seasonality, and give preference to whole grains, lean proteins – among other requirements. they had to comply with the easy-to-prepare single dishes for which CEOSZ had publicly announced a tender.

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