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New managing director at DHL

Bándli Zoltán will be responnible for the executive tasks of the DHL Express Magyarország from 1 March – the company told MTI on Monday. According to the communication of the...

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The BI-KA Logisztika Kft. reached nearly 6 billion HUF in revenue last year

The net revenue of the BI-KA Logisztika Kft. increased by 620 million HUF (11 percent increase) to 5.9 billion HUF, compared to the previous year, thus the company further strengthened...

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The Raben Germany strengthens its market position with the acquisition of Weishaupt

The Raben Group has expanded its operation area in Germany. With the approval of the competent cartel authorities the Raben Group acquires the Albstadt-based (Baden-Württemberg), Weishaupt shipping company. “With the...

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GW Magyarország Kft.plans to open a new warehouse

The Gebrüder Weiss (GW) Magyarország Kft. plans to open a new warehouse in southern Hungary Thomas Schauer, Managing Director of the company told at a press conference in Budapest on...

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