Promotions from the shopper’s perspective

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2021. 06. 08. 10:39

On the occasion of Trade magazin’s annual promotion competition, Kantar-Hoffmann’s head of division Gábor Tolnai spoke about how consumers received the competition entries, using the results of a focus group qualitative survey. He shared the different reactions, popularity factors and improvement suggestions.

A twofold attitude

Tolnai Gábor-Kantar

Gábor Tolnai
Kantar Hoffmann
head of division

Mr Tolnai pointed it out that consumers had two kinds of attitude in 2020-2021. On the one hand, they planned their shopping trips very consciously, trying to avoid impulse purchases. On the other hand, there were times when consumers considered the shopping trip to be a way of having fun, a nostalgic connection with the ‘normal world of the past’. The reading of promotional leaflets connects these two attitudes. Some do it to save money and profit from promotions, while it is a good way of passing time for others.

Online shopping is practical

In the last 12 months digital transformation made great progress in Hungary. Last year consumers tested buying FMCG products online, this year they are already experienced in this, enjoying its practicality and benefits – but they are more critical as well if they come across any mistake or inconvenience. The usage rate of smartphone apps also grew and retailers are trying to steer shoppers in this direction, by offering them coupons and discounts.

Simple is attractive

Gábor Tolnai also gave an overview of the promotion campaigns that entered the competition. He told that the pandemic didn’t deter shoppers from promotions, they still expect them from retailers and brands. They like those campaigns that are simple and easy to understand. Being innovative isn’t something shoppers expect from a promotion; on the contrary, the campaigns they already know and like motivate them more for participation.

Popularity factors

Shoppers like it if participation is easy, if the campaign involves a product they know and use, if they can choose from a large number of products and if the prizes are attractive to them. Most people are happy to accept gifts, parcels or product samples. In general it can be said that promotion campaigns compete not only with each other, but also with earlier promotions of the same brand.

Hygiene and reaching consumers both online and in-store

It is also true for promotions that high hygiene expectations prevail, so used packaging or even keeping the receipt can be problematic. Shoppers want to know about promotion campaigns and in addition to promotional leaflets, eye-catching in-store presence can also help in this. Coupons offered in applications are popular, as contactless online shopping, promotions and prize games are very convenient during a pandemic. For certain generations having an online presence is a must when it comes to promotions.

The most important feedback from consumers implies the expectation of promotions even amidst the pandemic

Celebrities and CSR

The participation of famous people can be very attractive and efficient in a promotion. As for CSR activities, consumers like to see the good things companies are doing and are happy to join in. One of the global trends these days is purpose-based marketing: these activities always support a good cause. //

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