Natural Branding: Plastic bans on fruit & veg shine light on laser-marking tech

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2022. 01. 24. 08:30

Industry appetite for Natural Branding – a technology that lasers markings onto the surface of some fruits and vegetables – is gaining traction amid proliferating plastic packaging bans. Notably, France recently banned retailers from selling 30 different fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic packaging. Spain is destined to impose a similar law in 2023.

Such regulations – and growing consumer frustration toward “unnecessary” plastic and stickers – open up avenues for Natural Branding. The laser-based technology not only delivers a packaging-free solution for products including bananas, oranges, onions, avocados and watermelons, it can also enhance brand appeal with personalized logos, and boost traceability with individual IDs.

However, as the plastic-out trend gains momentum throughout the packaging industry, warnings of increased food waste and potential hygiene complications continue to mount.

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