Research: food orders do not ask for plastic packaging

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 01. 11:43

The entry into force of the regulation regulating plastic products is approaching: from July 1st, further tightening is expected on the market of single-use restaurant packaging materials, and according to the current plans, for example, it will be prohibited to sell glasses containing plastic. On the occasion of this, Greenstic Europe investigated the consumer perception of packaging solutions typical for takeaway food purchases and orders. The survey revealed that a surprising number of people are interested in the environmental impact of packaging materials, but the majority of restaurants do not deal with the topic in any meaningful way.

One of the defining problems of today is the plastic crisis, which is exacerbated by the production and use of single-use plastic restaurant utensils. In Hungary, in accordance with a 2019 European Parliament directive, in 2021 a government decree imposed a ban on the sale of certain plastic take-away boxes, straws, plates and cutlery. Further tightening is expected from July 2024.

“The deadline is very close, so it’s time for everyone to take this issue seriously, not only because of regulations, but also because of customer expectations. The majority of our customers are catering establishments, who report more and more that their guests monitor the packaging in which they receive their food and welcome more sustainable solutions”

– said Márton Báti, managing director of Greenstic Europe.

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