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By: Budai Klára Date: 2020. 10. 13. 07:00
Hegedüs Dóra-Unilever

Dóra Hegedüs
junior brand manager

In the oral care category toothpaste has a 57-percent share, manual toothbrushes represent 18 percent of the market and mouthwashes are at 15 percent – Dóra Hegedüs, Unilever Magyarország Kft.’s junior brand manager informed our magazine. Toothpaste value sales were up 5.5 percent in 2019, but volume sales dropped. Sales of the company’s Signal toothpaste brand improved by 2.9 percent in value and stayed put in terms of volume in the examined period. The main places for buying toothpaste are drugstores. Value sales of private label toothpastes have strengthened in recent years, but manufacturer brands still realise 98 percent of sales.

Mouthwash products became more popular in the pandemic period

Krubl Yvette-Procter&Gamble

Yvette Krubl
communications PR- manager in Central-Europe

Procter& Gamble is present in the oral care segment with Oral B, Blend-a-med and Blend-a-dent products. Yvette Krubl, the company’s communications PR manager in Central Europe told: their product selection includes Oral B electric and manual toothbrushes, mouthwashes and therapeutic toothpastes; the Blend-a-med and Blend-a-dent lines offer toothpastes, denture glues and cleaners.

Sales of Target Sales Group Kft.’s Perlweiss brand developed steadily in 2019 and Jordan product sales increased by double-digit numbers in both value and volume – said marketing manager Gabriella Erdélyi.

Előd Katalin-Sager Dental

Katalin Előd
managing director
Sager Dental

Sager Dental Kft.’s managing director Katalin Előd revealed: sales of their Curaprox toothbrushes and Curasept mouthwashes grew the most in 2019. Triopack sales of the iconic toothbrush CS 5460 ultra-soft soared. She added that the Covid-19 pandemic boosted mouth wash sales.

Active charcoal is a trendy product ingredient

Erdélyi Gabriella-Target Group Sales

Gabriella Erdélyi
marketing manager
Target Sales Group

Target Sales Group Kft. predicts that demand will increase for eco-friendly, sustainable products in the oral care category as well.

Procter&Gamble’s view is that there is a large group of consumers that focuses on prevention. The Oral B electric toothbrush range can assist them very well in this, being the market leader in the segment. More and more consumers realise that electric toothbrushes can be more effective than manual ones.

Unilever Magyarország Kft. senses increased consumer interest in natural product ingredients. One of the trendiest oral care product components at the moment is active charcoal, and Signal also came out with a product like this in 2019. Product manufacturers are busy developing more eco-friendly formulas and packaging solutions.

Innovations for whiter and cleaner teeth

Every year several Procter&Gamble products win international innovation awards, and the second half of 2020 won’t be different in this respect. In 2020 the most important innovations by Unilever Magyarország Kft. will appear in shops in the premium teeth whitening range. Dóra Hegedüs told: they launched two new toothpastes under the White Now Detox sub-brand. One of theme contains active charcoal and there is coconut extract in the other; 94.5 percent of product components are natural. They also came out with the Signal Bio product range – 2 adult and 1 children’s products with Cosmos Organic certification. Sager Dental Kft. concentrates on cleaning interdental space: Curaprox Prime Star interdental brushes are already available with a new look and content in many drugstores.

New formulas and vegan product components

Target Sales Group Kft.’s Perlweiss brand underwent major renewal in 2020. The company puts special whitening products in the spotlight, such as the White & Repair teeth whitening cream that targets consumers with sensitive teeth. White & Charcoal contains active charcoal and an optical whitening formula – told brand manager Mária Krämer. As for the Jordan brand, the latest innovations are vegan Green Clean toothpastes and dental floss. Gabriella Erdélyi reported that the toothpastes are 98-percent natural, there is no extra carton packaging and they are packaged in recycled plastic. //

Hungarians spent more than 27 billion forints on oral hygiene

Toothbrush: in April 2019-May 2020 the size of the annual market was HUF 5.5 billion. Like-for-like value sales rose by 8 percent. 17 percent of toothbrushes sold were private label products. Drugstores’ share in sales was 57 percent and the sales growth was also the biggest in this channel. Stores bigger than 2,500m² generated one fifth of sales. More than 80 percent of the toothbrushes sold were of adult size (value sales).

Toothpaste: toothpaste was sold in a volume of 2.5 million litres and a value of HUF 17.5 billion. Like-for-like value sales were up nearly 10 percent. Manufacturer brands were responsible for 98 percent of toothpaste sales. Drugstores’ share in value sales was 50 percent. Sales grew the fastest, by 16 percent, in the 401-2,500m² channel, which has an 18-percent market share. Whitening toothpastes constitute the biggest segment with a market share above one third. More than three quarters of toothpaste sold was of 50-75ml size (value sales).

Mouthwash: in the examined period mouthwash was sold in the value of nearly HUF 4.5 billion; in terms of volume, sales were at 2 million litres. Half of the mouthwash sold contains alcohol and the other half is alcohol-free. Mint was the most popular variant with a more than two third share in value. 48 prcent of value sales was realised by drugstores. /

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