Everything that influences shopping decisions

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 03. 13. 09:31

Nielsen’s complex marketing mix model is suitable for analysing many aspects in addition to price, when it comes to influencing store sales. It is noteworthy that store choice drivers are changing considerably in Hungary. For instance ‘products are worth their price’ used to be the number one driver but last time it was only the 10th most important. Besides price, retail chains’ promotional leaflets, product displaying, hostess work and seasonality all have their impact on sales. Nielsen has a large pool of data to work with in modelling and analysing, which come from store-level sales measurement and facilitate in-depth and detailed analysis. The results can be used for financial planning or budget allocation. Modelling and analysing is a future-focused activity that helps form strategies which shape the future. We draw conclusions from cases which actually occurred in the market, and make recommendations based on these. At the same time we separate those impulses that influence shoppers while they are in the store. We separately analyse prices, promotions, advertisements, seasonality and store types. To put it simply: we analyse everything that influences shopping decisions. We regularly follow up on our forecasts and in most cases we find that our prediction was right. This way you cannot only plan the returns from the individual elements of the marketing mix, but also the returns from the sum spent on market research.

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