We announce winners of this year’s Symbol of Sustainability Competition

By: Gáspár Kinga Date: 2022. 07. 07. 12:18

Trade Magazin announced the Symbol of Sustainability competition for the third time. The goal of the competition is to present by Trade Magazin every year, as many successful projects as possible which contribute to achieving a more sustainable future.

Applications received in the announced categories were evaluated online by the professional jury. Applications that achieved 70% of the maximum possible score received the Symbol of Sustainability award, with their commitments, developments, and investments, either corporate or individual, they can set an example for market players, as well as their customers and consumers.

This year’s awardees will receive their certificates of recognition from the professional jury at the Business Days 2022 conference on September 21.


Last year’s Award Winners at the Business Days 2021 Conference

In the table below, you can read the winners of the Symbol of Sustainability 2022 and a brief description of their application: [table “26” not found /]

On behalf of the professional jury, we congratulate all the winners!

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