Association of Hungarian Meat Industrialists: the European meat industry rejects the WHO’s study

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 27. 12:00

The Association of Hungarian Meat Industrialists, as the member of the CLITRAVI, the European trade organization of the sector, in agreement with the European meat industrial companies informs the consumers that the moderate consumption of the meat products is a very important part of the balanced daily diet.


The CLITRAVI as well as the Association of Hungarian Meat Industrialists firmly rejects the WHO’s cancer risk classification on meat products and consider it misleading.

The European meat processing industry believes that it is misleading, if we pick a factor among the diet and lifestyle and make it responsible for certain diseases. The risk of diseases depends on many factors such as age, genetics, diet, the environment and lifestyle in particular. A food category in itself does not pose a health hazard, but an unhealthy lifestyle and the inadequate, balanced diet.

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