Magazine: Forced changes and needs

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 07. 20. 07:25

The presidency of the Guild of Hungarian Restaurateurs (MVI) has a new member, Zoltán Kiss.

T.M. – How did you end up in MVI’s presidency?

Zoltán Kis
member of presidency

– I have had a good relationship with almost every Hungarian trade organisation. Talking with president László Kovács more and more often I realised that we shared the same professional values. Plus it is important for MVI to also have the representatives of the younger generations in the presidency.

T.M. – What do you think about the reputation of trade organisations?

– MVI is one of those organisations where efficient work is done and results are produced. The guild is dedicated to solve the problems of the restaurant business and takes its job very seriously.

T.M. – What is the trade’s relationship with the authorities like?

– In most cases the authorities have a supportive attitude towards bars and restaurants: instead of imposing fines they are trying to help them comply with the regulations, and they pay special attention to providing information. It would be very important to create rules that are realistic and can be kept in practice.

T.M. – What do you think about the changes in the hospitality sector that happened in recent years?

– In the last few years the market forced hospitality businesses to be much more conscious in getting and using resources. Today even the
best restaurant owners need to be very disciplined and well-organised when it comes to planning and developing – having the funds isn’t enough to run a successful restaurant any more.

T.M. – What are the most urgent problems of the trade?

– Finding and keeping quality workforce is the biggest challenge at the moment. Consciously promoting skilled work, offering students high-quality hospitality education and a good pay to workers are of key importance. I do my best to bring the level of Hungarian hospitality trade education to the international level. I am trying to help in adopting international best-practices in both the structure and the curriculum of trade education. Hungary definitely needs an efficient hospitality education model. //

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