Guaranteed low prices in the constantly changing market conditions – Innovative development projects at dm

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 12. 20. 08:28

Prices fixed for four months, dm’s private label products that offer value for money, developing online services and excellent offers to loyalty card holders – these factors have all played a key role in dm’s success and sales growth in 2022.

The drugstore chain’s turnover was HUF 162 billion, with sales up 21.79% from the previous fiscal year. Besides the salary increase in early 2022, dm increased salaries one more time by 5% later this year, and the drugstore chain also gives employees a free HUF 50,000 shopping opportunity each year.

Diverse assortment, stable prices

Product prices don’t rise for four months in dm stores, and the product selection covers every customer need possible. According to the NielsenIQ retail index, dm increased its share in both the drug product market and among drugstore chains in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The online shop’s performance was essential in this good result: dm’s online sales increased by 50%.

dmLIVE Shopping: inspirational content for shoppers

This spring dm launched its dmAPP, where live streams have also been waiting for shoppers since autumn: dmLIVE Shopping features invited experts, who discuss beauty care, nutrition and lifestyle related topics. Dm’s active beauty loyalty programme has 1.7 million members and 89% of them regularly use their active beauty cards. Dm’s 3,153 employees serve customers in 263 stores, and the drugstore chain is busy ensuring the sustainable operation of stores, for instance 178 stores and 13,000m² of warehouse space already has LED lighting, and there is a solar panel system in Érd, which generates 20% of the site’s energy use. (x)

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