Giving Friday – with HUF 30 million, dm supports the education of children for a healthy lifestyle

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 30. 11:10

Five years ago, dm decided to redefine Black Friday and, instead of sales, donate 5 percent of its total turnover that day to support a social cause. 5% of the turnover on November 24, more than HUF 30 million, will be used this year for the Mentor Seedlings program to help children develop healthy and sustainable eating habits.

The huge sales of Black Friday do not suit the dm, since the stores do not offer sales on the other days of the year either, the drug store has been working with the strategy Always worth a long-lasting price for years. The essence of this is that the prices do not rise during the 4 months. Black Friday has now also become a symbol of unjustified overconsumption, so the concept and message of this day were consciously transformed. Those who would buy in dm anyway on this day contribute to a socially useful cause.

In 2023, dm wants to use the money to support children’s healthy and sustainable lifestyles, focusing on helping to reduce the risk of childhood obesity. For this, the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians and the Responsible Gastroenterology Foundation are supporting the joint, contemporary educational project, the Mentor Pálánták program, with HUF 30,890,576. This year, a healthy lifestyle was the focus of dm’s activities, so the supported program also fits into this concept.

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