Chapters from the big book of drinks

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2022. 03. 07. 08:25

Innovation work is necessary in the alcoholic drink category too, as the consumers of the 21st century demand changes and brave ideas. Innovating often means that the alcohol-free versions of classic cocktails appear on store shelves in aluminium can packaging, while alcohol turns up in coffees, ice teas and other beverages.

Sustainability is now an issue in the world of alcoholic drinks too, some manufacturers make beers and spirits with zero CO2 emission – and not only small, dedicated brands do this.

If drink product development was a school subject, Mindful Negroni would nicely illustrate the style of the beginning of the decade: a classic cocktail in retail, alcohol-free, in alu-can and with an explanatory product name

One of the most surprising alcoholic drink trends today is that people drink less! Sales of low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks are growing. ‘Sober’ bars and pubs are opening all over the world, and the biggest beer brands are launching alcohol-free products. The health trend doesn’t only manifest in the lowering alcohol content, but also in the market appearance of Rx category products. Tequila’s success story continues. At the same time hard seltzer’s growth has come to a halt. //

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