This year’s “Inno d’Or – Innovation of the Year” awards were presented at the Innovation Day conference

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 06. 06. 17:04

For the third time, Trade magazine organised the award ceremony of the contest that first took place in 2021, as part of the programme of a one-day conference.

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2023/6-7.


There were 6 exciting project presentations at the event, introducing the main characteristics of the new ideas and innovative solutions. This year’s winners received their prizes after the presentations. The innovation-themed event took place in Hungexpo’s new Conference Centre on 11 May

Inno d’Or – Innovation of the Year 2023 awards

Innovation Day 2023 conference and award ceremony

Attendants and awardees were invited to the Innovation Day 2023, a day-long event for the first time

Dr. László Újszászi-
persuasion and influence technique expert

The keynote speaker was persuasion and influence technique expert Dr László Újszászi-Bogár, who introduced a large number of factors that can influence the success of an innovation.


Péter Szabó
managing director
Microsoft Magyarország

Microsoft’s managing director Péter Szabó shared lots of interesting information about chatGPT.






Réka Szöllősi
food policy analyst

Food policy analyst Réka Szöllősi spoke about the regulatory framework of the future.


Andrea Princz
SteiGen Consulting

Andrea Princz, a consultant of SteiGen brought a presentation about how sensitive certain generations are to new innovations.





Dr. Felkai Beáta Olga
deputy state secretary
Ministry of Agriculture

Deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Dr Beáta Olga Felkai shed light on where Hungary is at, according to the WIPO global innovation index.


Balázs Fehér
marketing account director

There was also a presentation during the award ceremony: Balázs Fehér, marketing account director of Ipsos analysed consumer opinion on plant-based food innovations.






6 categories, 21 winners

This year there were 21 competition winners, decided by the members of the large jury panel – companies could enter the competition with innovations launched between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022, which brought something new to the market in their own categories. Entries were sent in the main categories of food, drink, cosmetics, drugs, services and packaging, and branded products and private labels were both eligible for participation .

„Best of the Best 2023” awardees

This year the three entries with the highest score also received the Best of the Best, “Best Innovation of 2023” award certificate.

The winners are entitled to use the “Inno d’Or – Innovation of the Year 2023” title.

Awardees at „Inno d’Or – Innovation of the Year 2023”







METRO Chef Veggie plant-based drinks – healthy milk alternatives

METRO Kereskedelmi Kft.

METRO Chef Veggie plant-based drinks are not only for lactose-intolerant and vegan consumers, but also for those shoppers and guests whose buying decisions are influenced by the means of production.


My!cheese –

My!cheese – Lactose-free grill cheese 220g

Szega Camembert Kft.

Because of its special recipe and production technology, the sugar content from being lactose-free doesn’t influence the product’s grilling characteristics, the sugar doesn’t caramelise on the surface, so there isn’t any difference in taste.


VEGART 100% vegan Panna Cotta range

Szega Camembert Kft.

A 100% plant-based, vegan alternative of the Italian dessert panna cotta. Thanks to the special packaging design and the production technology, the product keeps its shape when it is unmolded, just like the dessert made from cow’s milk.


VEGART Curdy, plant-based curd substitute

Szega Camembert Kft.

A 100% plant-based alternative, meeting all vegan requirements. The product’s texture is just as soft and creamy as that of the cottage cheese made from cow’s milk.


SPAR salads from Zé

SPAR Magyarország

High quality ingredients from Hungarian producers and suppliers are preferred when making the salads. Single-serve salads that can be enjoyed hot if taken out of the box or cold straight from the box, the excellent taste will be the same.


Magic Mills sorghum product range

Magura Mag Kft.

The dishes made from these pastas and the products are healthy and tasty. Products made from sorghum are gluten- and toxin-free, with high fibre, iron and protein content.


Pasta Del Futuro Light pasta range

Famíliatészta Élelmiszeripari Kft.

All four products contain minimum 50% less carbohydrate, have a low glycemic index, about 4 times more fibre, and approximately 200% extra protein, plus they are 100% soy-free.


Garden Gourmet Vuna

Nestlé Professional

A vegan tuna substitute which stands alone in the Hungarian B2B market, and offers a perfect vegan alternative for those consumers who are looking for a real tuna flavour.


SPAR quick-frozen, ready-fried, breaded chicken thigh fillet

SPAR Magyarország

Fillet shaped as lower and upper thigh, without skin and bones, offering the perfect alternative for those who don’t like the latter in meat dishes.


Gallio – Breaded turkey meat balls filled with Kyiv sauce

Gallicoop Zrt.

Tasty bites with Kyiv sauce, made from turkey breast with high protein content, in the usual premium quality offered by Gallio products.


UniMix sorghum flour mix

Magura Mag Kft.

UniMix is a universal flour mix made from fine sorghum flour, which can be used simply and in many ways. It is perfect for baking rolls and pastries, cakes and pancakes, even from egg-free recipes.


Gerbeaud Dessert Selection

Gerbeaud Gasztronómia Kft.

Gerbeaud Cube is an innovation based on the iconic product by Gerbeaud House, which keeps the original recipe, the high quality ingredients and the well-known taste, but presents them with a new look that makes it possible to leave the Gerbeaud House, and meet a much bigger and more diverse group of consumers.


Apple Disc product range

Nobilis Zrt.

Innovative, dried apple discs with the beneficial effects of fruits and vegetables, with natural vitamin and mineral content. The product can contribute to the recommended daily fruit intake. Made without added sugar, and it is gluten-free and vegan.




Viwa Vitamintea with organic tea

Viwa Product Europa Kft.

Viwa products represent a healthier alternative to classic soft drinks, and they can contribute to the recommended daily hydration, plus also contain the essential vitamins.


Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0,0% product launch

Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.

Technological development has made it possible to come out with a beer with 0.0% alcohol content, which has basically the same taste characteristics as the classic Peroni Nastro Azzurro.


Kalumba’s launch of 2 new flavours

Zwack Unicum Nyrt.

Each version of the Kalumba Madagascar Gin is made with wild spices and herbs grown in Madagascar. Kalumba Mango contains pink pepper, while a myrtle distillate is added to Kalumba Blood Orange.




NATICS precision dosage super filler range, with Botox effect peptides

NATICS Laboratoires Kft.

This new innovation by NATICS makes it possible to get rid of wrinkles without needle use, and to tighten the skin with the help of new-generation peptides. Thanks the precision dosage, the right quantity of product can be applied hygienically and with great precision.


Sugarazza: professional level depilation at home, with sugar

Cosmed Kft – PANDHY’S

Professional level hair removal at home, which fits into the DIY trend, combining professional product use with the comfort of home. In the 21st century, self-care plays a central role in the lives of consumers, so it was time this product had been launched.



Floralys aloe vera scented toilet paper, 4-ply, 4×320 sheet

Lidl Magyarország Bt.

Although the sheet number of the product is the same as before, less packaging material is used – this is true for both the core and the shrink wrap. Thanks to the compaction, the emissions level from transportation has also become lower.



Sustainable tomato packaging

Auchan Magyarország Kft.

This tomato box is made of 100% recycled paper, and thanks to guaranteed aeration, the tomatoes inside the box remain fresh.



First traceable short supply chain in Hungary (REL)

Közért+ Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Zrt.

This form of transportation puts a much smaller burden on the environment. Products shipped this way need to be stored for a shorter period of time, so their nutrient and vitamin content doesn’t drop.


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