The EP would change the labeling of honey, fruit juice and jam

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 13. 11:20

Tuesday’s plenary session of the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it would modernize the legislation adopted 20 years ago on the composition, name, labeling and packaging of certain foods popular at breakfast – honey, fruit juice, jam.

The representatives who voted for the resolution agree that the country where the honey was collected and the place of origin of the fruit should be indicated on the label. If the honey or fruit used comes from several countries, the countries of origin should be indicated on the label in descending order according to the proportion of fruit or honey from that country in the product released for consumption.

In order to curb the counterfeiting of honey, the representatives want to create a traceability system to track the origin of honey products. They are also calling for the EU to establish a reference laboratory for honey, so that counterfeiting can be screened out with regular tests.

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