Growing demand for promotional leaflets online

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2020. 06. 26. 08:32

As a member of the Offerista Group, makes sure that users can find all the promotional leaflets at the same place online. The group reaches nearly 40 million European consumers and they offer premium digital marketing services in six countries, including Hungary – we learned from’s country manager Tímea Orbán.

OrbanTimea - Offerista

Tímea Orbán
country manager

They distribute the promotional leaflet in digital format of partners such as, Rossmann, Praktiker or Studio Moderna. Besides the website, their own application can also assist in shopping. Visitors of tend to flip through a few promotion leaflets first and then decide where to buy what – either in an online shop or a physical store.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, asked website visitors about the changes in their shopping habits. From the nearly 600 respondents 88 percent were women and 70 percent were older than 45 years. The survey revealed that shopping frequency dropped to ‘once a week’ for half of the consumers and to ‘every 3 days’ for one-quarter of them. Since they just visit a store basically once a week, gathering information has become more important – to see where they can get the most for their money.

44 percent of respondents younger than 65 percent prefer online shopping during the pandemic. In every age group, the most frequently purchased online category was FMCG products. Half of the young consumer and one-third of old ones now pay their utility and other bills online. Ms Orbán said: they are proud of the fact that more than 78 percent of respondents would happily recommend the platform to others. //


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