Chamber of Agriculture: they are looking for innovative solutions to the challenges of agriculture

By: STA Date: 2024. 06. 12. 10:30

Young developers, startups and researchers are looking for solutions to the challenges of agriculture and the food industry within the framework of the TechLab agricultural startup program of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK). MTI on Wednesday.

According to the announcement, the NAK TechLab program forms a bridge between agricultural startups, innovative enterprises, and actors in domestic agriculture in order to make digital solutions easier and faster to spread and be available to farmers in the future.

Such large companies as the Bonafarm food business group, the agricultural integrator KITE Zrt., the agricultural machinery dealer AXIÁL Kft., as well as Bio-Nat Kft., which serves the development of healthy soil life and environmentally friendly plant nutrition, are waiting for the solution proposals of developers and startup companies.

The Bonafarm group is looking for innovative solutions such as image recognition systems that facilitate processing processes, or the use of artificial intelligence-based systems in the areas of plant cultivation or pig breeding. KITE Zrt. is waiting for solution proposals to meet the digitalization requirements set by the Green Deal, but they are also looking for artificial intelligence developments that help the digital transition of agriculture. Axiál Kft. is looking for innovative solutions promoting the digitization of the agricultural sector in the field of precision farming that fit the company’s portfolio, such as ideas for the novel use of data from the sensors of smart agricultural machines. Bio-Nat Kft. is looking for a solution related to image recognition and data processing to identify nutrient deficiencies – explained NAK. The investment partner of the program is OUVC, a HUF 10 billion venture capital fund belonging to the University of Óbuda, which provides the capital for the teams included in the program, the application deadline is 2024 August 15th.

NAK TechLab is the long-term innovation program of the Chamber of Agriculture, which focuses on the digital modernization of Hungarian agriculture

With the help of new-generation start-ups, it seeks innovative solutions to the challenges of agriculture that boost and make the sector more efficient. The program has been helping domestic agricultural startups since 2019, and in its 5 years of operation, it has participated in the development of more than 100 agricultural technology startups, they said.


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